Saturday, September 16, 2017

If you think that we get the cleanest air in rainy season then prefer checking your house interiors.

Following blogpost is my entry to the contest: "Royale Atmos - A Paint that helps purify air" conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by asianpaints royale ATMOS.

Rainy season is the most important season as it provides a lot of water that can be used for farming and drinking purpose. If this season would not have been in our nature cycle, then maybe we the human beings would not have progressed, developed or even survived so far. This season is very helpful for filling up our natural water reservoirs and the main thing is we people are the lucky ones to enjoy the coolest environment during this season. As this season has arrived just after the summer season, it is the most loved season for the farmers as compared to all of us (us means corporate people ;-)). I am saying this because, it is the fact that most of the people in India are not willing to pursue this occupation. 

Mostly the today's young generation is willing to pursue a lucrative career in any sector except farming because the farming sector requires a lot of weather support and manual efforts as well. During this rainy season, every part of this earth turns into a lush green and to experience this we all have to drag ourselves out of our polluted concrete jungle called developed cities. Many of us (again us means we the corporate people ;-)) think that our home interiors are not polluted as we have an air conditioner and many other such good appliances.

According to me many of the houses in our city are more polluted from inside due to a lot of factors. Watch out following video in which actress Deepika describes how our households could have 5 times more pollution:

Consider my place of living where there is a tree outside my room and in rainy season the surroundings are very much spectacular for me.

As you can see in the above image that the environment outside is so fresh that I used to think that my room's atmosphere is as fresh as the spectacular view outside. Just a few days later, I started getting the damp smell in my room and a few of my friends also complained to me about it. I then just stared at the top of my roof and I found that the rainwater has made its way from the outer wall of my room. Following is its photograph :-( :

As the rainy season is on its verge in the year 2017, the dampness kept on increasing in my room. I was literally fed up of it and again a few days later, I found my gallery door with some kind of black spots on it. I started keeping the window of my room wide open thinking that the dampness would vanish if I keep it open at all the times. Unfortunately, all the moisture from outside made its way into my room and I found an enormous number of black spots on my gallery door. Now my room was really smelling bad and then I snapped the photo of that door which had now too many numbers of black spots.

After that I went a little closer to my door and wiped my hand on its surface. Darn it!!! It's the fungus. YUCK :-(.... I was very much disappointed and I was helpless to stay with this as I did not have time to clean it due to my busy job schedule. I had to wait till the weekend and that is the only time which I can invest some time in cleaning my room. By the weekend I got some sneezing problem as well. I then figured out that the reason behind my sneezing was this fungus that was growing day by day. As soon as the weekend arrived, I woke up early in the morning and that too on a weekend, then I took a damp cloth, prepared some detergent water and then wiped out the entire door with it and then after cleaning it, I also wiped it with a lot of dettol antiseptic liquid as well. After that I decided to pack the window with a plastic sheet entirely so that rain moisture stays outside my room. Now I snapped the photograph again as my room's internal atmosphere seemed quite royal and fresh as well.

In this way, now my room has the royal atmosphere with less moisture and damp smell in it. In the future, I am thinking of waterproofing the outer walls and painting my room, doors and window with the Asian paints Royale ATMOS techonology. The details can be found on the following link: 

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