Monday, October 16, 2017

My experience of an attempt to sell a desktop PC that was already old to be sold.

Now days', selling your old gadgets is quite a big thing and if you don't have good friend circle then getting it sold for a good or proper price, is really a matter of chance. 

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Just watch following video before reading my attempt of selling my PC. 

I remember my teenage days when the Computer was one of the most expensive gadgets to even think of buying. In my school and college the computer was being taught as one of the subjects and I remember that we were taught to do some DOS commands. Some basics about the computer hardware was also been taught and we used to have one practical session where we the student's had to run the DOS commands as instructed during the classroom lectures. During school days, I did not even thought of how much would be the cost of a desktop PC but when I was in college I had no option other than to keep checking its cost for several days. Well the reason was obvious that I had selected Computer's as one of my subject during college days and it was termed as Computer Science.  

When the college started, for the first few months, I was using one of the desktop PC from my college lab and at times I got very limited access to learn as well as get a clear understanding of what had been taught during the classroom lectures. Most of my friends also felt that they were also getting very less time to clear their understanding about the subject. Few of my friends, had already purchased brand new PC even before the start of the college lectures. At that time I felt exactly like the Munna from the movie - Munna Bhai MBBSS. Following is the scene for your reference. 

Well some of my teachers also advised to get a personal desktop machine at home so that the things are clearly and well understood by us. But at that time buying a PC was very much costly. I kept searching for best and low cost PC's for several days and I myself decided to not buy a costly brand new PC. I decided to get a second hand and low cost PC. After few days one of my father's office colleagues had been transferred to the place of his liking and he had to sell all his belongings. He asked my father about selling his desktop PC and my dad told me about it. Well, I don't remember the exact cost but I remember I had asked my dad to pay his colleague almost half of the price of that old desktop PC. 

In this way, I had got an old PC and soon after two years, my studies went to next level and soon the time to upgrade my PC banged my pockets. For near about six months, I was thinking of getting an assembled PC but the thing was that I had to sell my old system for which my dad had paid almost half of its price. Now at first, I started to sell my PC to my friends but they all said that I had tagged my PC at a very high cost. Some of my friends came to my home and after few days' some of them talked very less to me as they knew I was desperate to sell my PC to them. I then started to ask few of my junior friends and they were also smart to tag my PC to a price that I was never going to sell. Some of my close friends really asked me to give it for free as I was unable to sell it for near about 3 months. 

One day, I decided to sell my old PC to one of my friend for few bucks and as it was summer there was frequent power cut and my PC had no UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. Unfortunately, the motherboard of my PC got short circuited due to frequent power cuts and I had to sell my old PC to the scrap collector. Well the scrap collector did give me around few hundred bucks and I was very much happy to them as the monitor of that PC was intact. Later I just had to purchase a whole new CPU only.


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