Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's terrible to have your mobile's display shattered by an accident.

Now days', selling your old gadgets is quite a big thing and if you don't have good friend circle then getting it sold for a good or proper price, is really a matter of chance. 

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Today almost everyone is using a Smartphone and near about 2.5 years, I had a very expensive (around Rs. 7K) Smartphone but it didn't have features like a touch screen and wifi connection. I remember that I had brought it on the occasion of Diwali 2009. At that time it was the high end Smartphone which had 2 MP camera and I used to click tons of photographs in each month. I still have all those photographs and soon I am going start publishing it on my photographyblog. So as the year's passed by, I got a job and in the year 2015 I thought it was the time to buy a new Smartphone which has a wide touch screen featured  display, WiFi facility and yes around 5 MP camera as well.

In this way, I planned to buy a Smartphone which would cost just around or below Rs. 10K. So for about 3 to 4 months I was searching for a perfect one that would be in my budget but I was not getting all the features in one go. I actually was looking for photography feature and 4G band based internet service featured device. Such devices were very costly and combination of both was not fitting into my budget. In this way, after 3 to 4 months the most awaited rite Raksha bandhan arrived in the month of August 2015. Well on this day, it's the brother who has to offer a gift to her sister but in my case, it was my sister who gifted me a Smartphone on this very auspicious occasion. But the main thing was that she did not know that I was searching for a perfect mobile since last 3 to 4 years. I was immensely happy and surprised at the same time. Also, I felt that I had not brought such a huge gift for my sister till date.

While opening the box, I was wishing that the device should consist of all the features, which I had been searching for last three months. Unfortunately only one feature was missing and it was of 4G. Well at that time, in 2015, 4G was not yet in the news but I was happy to get a gift that amounted to about Rs.15K. After a year of its usage, I think about 1.4 years, this very precious and valuable mobile slipped from my hand. It banged the floor and that too at the display side. I had a plastic mobile cover but the sound that came when my mobile hit the floor was too much weird and I can still recall how badly it happened. The device felt from just exactly from my waist height but while trying hard to hold it I ended up applying more force in downward direction.

The time all this happened was midnight and I couldn't sleep that night properly as I was worried about the data it contained. Yes it had all my contacts, study and photographs some of which I had snapped about my beautiful surroundings, sunset, sunrises, some trip photos and what not. Along with my mobile's screen, I was also totally shattered since I had lost my mobile's display screen and may be the data in it as well. More than the display, I was worried about the data that it contained. For the next few days, I don't know why but the following song kept running on every music TV channel that I tried to listen to; radio and local tea shops as well but thanks that I was and I am still single. 

My parents listened to this news of shattered mobile display sympathetically and soon my friends started saying that now don't repair your device. Get a new one. I searched for its exchange price and I was getting around Rs. 3K to 4K only. So getting such tiny amount for a gift worth of 15 K then totally devastated me again. Then, I went to the mobile customer care and at first look they said it will cost 7K to 8K and that's a minimum estimate as we have to check if there are any other internal damages. I really felt as expressed in the video below that getting a real good price is really a matter of chance.

At that time, I took back my shattered mobile and decided to repair it in next month as soon as I get the salary. Thanks to my old mobile that I had kept safely and now for a month I was again on the old technology of keypad. Going back to keypad from touch screen was too much of a weird experience for me. In the next month, I got my mobile repaired for Rs. 6K and even today I am using it flawlessly.

But, God forbid, if this shattering of mobile display occurs for your device then I would suggest you to sell it only if it has no valuable data, high cost of screen display replacement and if it is not a gift :-). Also if you want to change your mobile then you can get the best price by installing the Cashify mobile application.  


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