Sunday, September 24, 2017

We may be wrong if we think going to the gym keeps us fit at all times.

Following blogpost is my entry to the contest: "Royale Atmos - A Paint that helps purify air" conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by asianpaints royale ATMOS.

Today we all are trying to keep ourselves healthy by going to the gym as most of us are corporate working professionals. Nowadays, almost all the corporate people are working for about 8 to 10 hours and at times we don't even have time to take a walk due to busy work schedule. I have seen many of my friends taking cabs or auto for going to their office as they are always in a hurry. According to me, we all can always choose to do what is right, but we are so lazy that we select to do the things which requires very less amount of energy and efforts. Right now the fact is that many corporate job holders are not keeping themselves fit, but there are a few bunch of people who hit the gym every day. Well, I am not praising myself but yes, since last three years I have tried my best to hit the gym each and every day.

In this way, I find after hitting the gym for almost every day (obviously not every day, but whenever there were heavy rains, I had skipped hitting it ;-)....) for the last three years is that it is not the place which can keep us fit at all the times. The reason is that there exists a kind of ambience aka smell in the gym and being the early bird at most of the times, I was inhaling it unknowingly.

As per the following video: I too felt like I should wear a mask whenever I go the gym.

I used to get a kind of mild headache after entering the gym and I used to think that the headache was due to the running exercise that I used to do before hitting it. During last 6 months I was not able to figure out why I used to get a mild headache after doing running exercise and I did not even consult my doctor about it. One day, I asked asked one of my doctor friend and he said that it may be because of the air pollution.

One day, I just happened to set my focus behind the wall bar which is also called as stall bar that exists in almost every gym. The photograph of it is as shown below.

Every day, I used to do some exercises using it and I used to get a kind of moist damp smell near it. I used to think that my sweat was smelling but when I observed carefully, I found that it was the moist wall that was smelling badly behind those fitness wall bar. Further, I also explored that due to the corner position of this wall bar there wasn't much air circulation in that corner and due to dampness the wall has started developing some kind of fungus or mold due to the dampness of the rain water. A few days later the color behind this stall bar had been changed completely. In the photograph below you can see that all the walls have started changing their color.

On the next day, when I was the first one to enter the gym, I found that the smell that was coming from the corner was wide spread throughout the gym. On that day, I asked the gym owner to put on all the fans and ventilators of the gym on full swing so that the damp smell goes out of the gym. I then had to wait outside the gym for about 15 minutes and everyone coming to gym joined me and they also complained about the mold and the weird smell that was growing in the corner of the gym due to dampness and rain water leakage. We all then have requested the gym owner to do something to stop the leakage first and then repaint the gym with good paint.

A few days ago, I found that Asian paints have developed some paint that absorbs such harmful gases like formaldehyde that pollutes the air that we breathe in our concrete cubicles. I read the details about how Asian paints have developed new Royale ATMOS paint. It is annoying to know that the occurrences of fungus/mold in house lead to generation of various harmful gases that pollutes the air that we breathe at most of the times. It is even more frustrating to know that the air inside our household is 5 times much more polluted than the air that we breathe outside.

In this way, I am going to forcefully recommend my gym owner to first perform the water proofing of all the walls and then paint it with the Asian paints Royale ATMOS paint so that the air that we breathe in gym would to some extend keep us fit at all the times.

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