Monday, September 18, 2017

For me, being “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET” is my way of being healthy.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.'

For the last three years, I have been pursuing a very healthy lifestyle and this year I choose to be “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET”. Well, you can read my post: “The simple steps that I follow for staying active.” where I have mentioned what regular exercises I had been doing on a day to day basis to stay active, happy and healthy at all times. As I am a computer professional, my job is to work on computers and at times work for an extended number of hours. So I try my best to stay as healthy as possible because, I know, if I sit for a long number of hours, obviously it is going to affect my health. At first, I used to prefer walking all the way to my office and back home. Now it's been more than a year that I have chosen to bicycle all the way to my office and home. At times, I have just ventured anywhere by with my bicycle for no reason. During my childhood, I was always fond of playing cricket and I always dreamt about playing it with the season ball, wearing all the cricketing gears and on a cultivated cricket pitch. But this did not happen during my school and college life and may be, I did not pursue it properly at that time.

After getting a job, one day, I saw a speech of my role model, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar that he gave on the occasion was “Opening Ceremony of the 50th Inter IIT Sports” held in IIT Bombay. Just watch the following video and I am sure it will definitely inspire you to choose one sport and set up your way of staying active to lead a happy and healthy life.

After attending this speech live in IIT Bombay, I was very much excited to pursue my first love: CRICKET. I then requested some of my friends to make time to play cricket with me. In this way, we started playing regular cricket, but not with the season ball but with the tennis ball. Later on we formed a team of almost 15 to 16 players and we played for several small, friendly and paid tournaments and it was fabulous to know that playing cricket was easy but winning the tournament was kind of difficult at times. Following is my team:

In this way, during April 2017, there was an announcement of the staff cricket tournament with the season ball and I felt that this was the only opportunity for me to be “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET”. I registered my place in this tournament and I started practicing every day with the best of my abilities and I was also managing my work along with it. The tournament was scheduled such that it would not clash with our job timing.I enjoyed playing cricket matches in the day and night timing and it will always be a good experience of my life that I will enjoy remembering again and again.

In this staff cricket tournament, I loved to play with all the cricketing gears and the best thing was that my team stood victorious. Following are some of the photographs and a video that I wish to share with my readers.

Following is the video in which my job was to just rotate the strike till first 5 overs. I tried my best but, I could only manage to play my role till the first 6 overs :-)

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