Saturday, November 5, 2016

The only way to convey my love and gratitude towards life is by writing a letter to my life.

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda
Note: I am just writing this blog post for conveying my love and gratitude towards life.

Dear Zindagi,

Every individual on this planet has got a life and it depends on how we live it. In my opinion life is nothing but a moment and you just have to live it, love it and enjoy it. A life cannot be complete without the collection of happy and unhappy moments. I remember the first ten years of my life and at most of the times, I used to get unhappy. But I thank to my parents and my family members as they used to try their best to make me happy during this decade of my early life. They used to teach me several things and one of the things that I still remember learning was playing cricket. Well my parent's always allowed me to play cricket but I used to be very unhappy on the field as I was unable to play properly. I used to return home with disappointment and the next thing was that my parents used to scold my elder brother for not letting me play. Today when I look back, I find this moment very funny and this moment brings a smile on my brother's face as he was being scolded for no reason during his childhood.

In the next ten years of life, I found my first love. Yes my first love ;-) and it was none other than the game called cricket. Even if I was unable to play it properly, I used to play this game each day after my school hours. This outdoor game gave me a sense of how to tackle the situation even when you lose the match or you don't perform to your level best. Today, I am a busy working chap but whenever I find free time I try my best to play cricket rather than just watching it. The second thing that I discovered in my second decade of life was that there is something called discipline that has to be followed in life by each and every individual. Here I would like to thank my school teachers because those were the only ones who used to take care of imbibing ethical principles and monitor us if we follow them or not. I still remember that there used to be a special session of half an hour where one of my teacher used to tell the stories that taught us what is right and what is wrong. One moment that I would like to be grateful and thankful to my school teachers was the annual cultural event of the school. Well, I never was excited with the cultural activity called as dancing but I did perform it in the last year of my school days. Watch the following photo where I am at the 4th position and doing the wrong step as well ;-). Again, #DearZindagi (Life) is nothing but to dance with whatever music has gets played in the background or during that specific moment. It matters only if you don't dance with the tune and stay unmoved.  

 The next decade of life was too much of stress as the college days demanded too much of study. But due to the first two decades it was not that stressful since I used to come across my school friends and whenever we used to meet and even now if we meet we have loads of fun by recalling silly moments that we lived during the school days. Of this third decade the latter half of the part seems quite boring since all of my friends could not meet often since every chap that studied with me is now busy making money. These days, I try my best to devote the free time to perform the activities that I did not do during my first 3 decades of life.  But thanks to the various festivals in our Indian culture since these are the only festival holidays when we recall or meet our friends and have fun with the happy as well as unhappy moments of the life. I really want to thank my #DearZindagi as this is a moment (according to me) where we have to try our best to recall, collect and create the best ones in the life that we live ahead.    

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