Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Kayaking for a cause" will definitely help in spreading awareness about keeping the rivers clean.

“I am participating in the Chaliyar River Challenge activity at AdventureN in association with Jellyfish Watersports”

Kayaking is a sport in which an individual has to travel by means of water. A kayak (means a narrow boat) and a double-blade paddle is needed so as to travel from one point to another in water. Kayaking is an adventure sport and it is necessary that the person willing to do so has to have a strong determination to complete the challenge all by himself/herself. Follow the link given below to know more

The citizens of any city will always be dependent on a water source that flows through the city and till now that are the only thing that connects people with the water resource that is available within the city. Now a day there is a need of water in almost every type of industries and it is obvious that we the human beings pollute our rivers in every possible way. So it is the only way by which we are connected with the river flowing through our city. Another thing for which we are selfishly connected with the river is that we need water for our house hold purpose and for keeping ourselves alive. But we also have many traditional rituals in India for which we need to pollute our rivers. For example, the Ganesh festival is the one in which we need to immerse the Idol of lord Ganesha into the river and while doing this many of us know that we will be polluting the river but for tradition it is necessary to do so.  

Well now it is important for every individual to think over the traditions that we need to follow and think about how we will not pollute the river water. Another means of polluting the river is our Industrialization. Due to industrialization, a lot of river water is being used up for processing purpose and the polluted water is again directed or mixed again in the river. Now it is the human nature to make the use of resources in as selfish manner as possible and that is why it's only the Chaliyar River Challenge that will have an impact in the way by which we are connected with the river.

As the kayaking sport needs an individual to cross the water ways be it river or a sea we will always be thinking that it is the activity by which we experience an adventure. So it is obvious that we will think of how we can make the best use of it and that too without harming the river water.  Now if an individual kayak's through any river or sea then a situation will always arrive when we need to approach the land surface and that is the point where we will be coming across the debris or polluted components alongside the banks of river or sea.Watch the video below: 

In this way, if an individual is associated with a water sport activity that would be conducted in the river of sea coast, people would be actually experiencing the connection with water source existing within the city. Now days, the social media presence of any individual also puts and impact on another person in the society (not completely but it really does for some) and it helps them to at least think on how we can contribute to keep our river clean.   

Therefore, it is important for every individual to connect with the water resource available in the city and challenge themselves to kayak down the river or sea not only for adventure purpose but also for connecting with the mission to keep them clean and safe for the future generations to come.  At last, we can come to the conclusion that unless we take the initiative no one will ever try to think in that direction. So it is we the people and our actions that are to be conducted in such a way that we inspire people by doing the adventurous things and sticking to the objective of keeping the rivers safe and clean. So it is time to challenge ourselves to kayak through the rivers or sea coast that exists in the vicinity of our cities. Chaliyar river challenge is one such adventure for which we need to challenge ourselves and be a part of this great mission that will definitely help to keep our rivers clean.  

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