Friday, November 6, 2015

Master class session organized by Indiblogger about the Ricotta Spinach Stuffed Tortellini Pasta on a Bed of Mushrooms at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai.

The BNLF 2015 is abbreviated as Blog Now Live Forever which was a mega event organized by and it was a two day event in which bloggers from different cities had gathered in The Lalit Hotel in Mumbai. The event of master class was organized for bloggers and it was necessary for all of us to register so as to be a part of this session. But this was not to restrict the number of bloggers, but it may be for knowing the exact count of bloggers who could attend and taste the prepared recipe.   
In this way, the Day 2 of BNLF arrived and this master class session was being organized during the lunch session. So as soon as the session of Christoph Trappe ended, we all bloggers were directed to the Trendz section of The Lalit Hotel. As soon as we entered the lobby, we got a sigh of relief because everyone got out of the room and freezing cold air within the hotel as well. So following is the Trendz section.

Let me show you the lobby photograph it really is a stunning place.

Following is the photograph within the Trendz where Executive Sous Chef Ravish Mishra and Chef Rajeev Kumar were going to reveal how to cook "Ricotta Spinach Stuffed Tortellini Pasta on a Bed of Mushrooms".

To know the recipe of this dish just zoom in the above photo.
As we are bloggers, some of us went ahead and started snapping the pics before even the cooking arrangements were being made by the only two executive sous chef. 

Now all the details of how to cook the above mentioned dish were being shared and I was curious to maneuver in the adjacent room. I asked one of the IndiBlogger Team members whether I can go to the other section of this room. As soon as he said yes, I went ahead and snapped two photographs. Well, these are the photos as shown below.

As soon as returned, the bed of mushrooms was ready. 

Then the pasta with ricotta cheese was also ready. Now was the tasting time and I thought how only 4 pasta are going to be sufficient to so many bloggers present over there. 

As soon as I started to think that only few of us will get to taste it, I saw the incoming of plated from the other room of which I took the snaps. So some chef's were also preparing the same dish on a larger scale and that too just for all the bloggers who were present there. 

I was delighted to taste this dish and as I had tasted this dish for the first time, I was not sure that I would like it so much. I also finished one more tasting platter on this occasion.

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