Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today almost everyone has a Smartphone so it is better to make it a super smart entertainment device using the superb features of #TATASkyTransfer.

The following blogpost is for the #TataSkyTransfer contest conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by TATA Sky. 

The invention of Smartphone has lead the human being to a stage where it is the only device which keeps them informed about the things happening around them as well as it is the only source of entertainment since the TV remote, at times or you can say for most of the times is really out of range. Also whenever anyone beholds a Smart device they will always try to watch the TV programs on YouTube. Unfortunately, some TV programs cannot be seen live due to the lack of high speed internet access or they are not available on internet due to copyright issues. In this way, there is only one smart device which is #TATASkyTransfer and it can help us make our Smartphone as our perfect entertainment device. 

Well there is a better option of directly watching the TV but today there are more than 200 TV channels which are always streaming high quality as well as valuable TV shows. According to me, we the viewers should always respect each others choice but we will obviously get bored with the choice of each others in case of watching TV programs. So why not record the TV programs as per our choice and let others continue to watch the show as per their wish. In this way, if we devote our aspire of beholding the TV remote it will ultimately give some free time for our family members to watch the TV programs of their choice. Now the only thing that needs to be done by the Smartphone users is to record their favorite TV shows using the TATASkyTransfer and then they can either Transfer those recorded shows on their mobile device or they can carry the files along with them and watch them as per their free timings. Watch out the following advertisement: 

Well this show is a survival television show and recently Mr. Barak Obama had appeared on this TV show just to express the concern over global warming. We should take all the efforts to keep our planet greener and cooler as well as free from pollution. 

2. MTV Roadies:
The show is a reality TV show which is designed to inspire the youth to work hard and earn respect as well. So I would want everyone to watch this show. 

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