Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser is the one which helps me to stay connected to the game of Cricket and all important little things of my life.

In India, almost every child is fond of the sport called Cricket and I am no exception to this since from the day I knew how to play cricket. I remember that when I was about 4 to 5 years, I was not even able to lift a cricket bat, which always seemed to be a great task while playing cricket. At that time bowling part of this game was fascinating since applying proper speed to the ball and maintaining a proper length was too much difficult and challenging both at the same time. I found the game of cricket more interesting when I discovered how to spin the ball and the challenge batsman at most of the times. My childhood was awesome just because of this game called Cricket.    

In this way, I reached into the important part of my life which was studying hard and it is well known fact that every child needs to score hefty marks in their class 10th examinations. During my 10th standard era, I could hardly find time to play cricket. Then I discovered that watching cricket was also an important part if we wanted to learn playing flawless cricket. Well, it was the era of 1990 to 2000 and in this duration of time only the International cricket matches were being broadcasted on national TV channel which was Doordarshan and even today it does the job of transmitting live cricket matches all over India. After some time the private cable TV channels were available, but they were not and still not affordable to every household in India.

 Later, when the era of Internet arrived and those who had a good PC and internet connection could watch the cricket matches by means of internet connectivity. In parallel to this event that era of smartphones also started developing and today we have a lot of best smartphones that are available in the Indian market and also they are affordable to many people in India. At first the internet connectivity through mobile was costly, but right now it seems affordable to almost everyone in India. Loading may apps in any smartphone brings down the performance and it destroys a lot of time of the people because of the slowness. So loading many apps in a smartphone are time consuming and it also sniffs the fun part of our lives as well. Most importantly, staying connected with the game of cricket using the smartphone was a mammoth task for me and maybe for every Indian as well.

Hence, I started searching for the mobile application which could save my time and offer me the multitasking facility both at the same time. To my surprise, I found a very interesting application called UC browser. This browser has got a lot of features and the most likeable feature of this browser for me is its one-stop hub, which provides all the cricketing information and that too without any delay on my smartphone. So as I am able to connect with the game of cricket at ease and that using my smartphone, I have been able to find more time to pay attention to the important part of my life which is studying and staying connected to all the events happening around the world. To know more on how to see cricket, just follow the UC Cricket feature of UC Browser.

To know more details visit the following link: 

Also, watch out the following videos of UC Browser featuring UC Features

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