Friday, July 10, 2015

My views on the benefits of a balanced healthy diet and the nutritional compromises of a crash diet.

We the human beings are always required to stay healthy and especially active and fit at all the times. In this fast paced world most of the human beings are becoming lazy and yes you read it right. We all are becoming lazy just because of the facilities that we are leveraging like vehicles for travelling from one place to another, automated machines which are so designed that minimal human efforts are needed. So the outcome is that we people are becoming lazy as we have machines which work for us and gives us a lot of savings in terms of calories. Well, these machines which aid in our day to day life are awesome but costly as well.  
The main part is that we human beings are happy to spend on technology and at most of the times we ignore unknowingly or purposely to invest on our health. We purposely eat the fastfood that is available at various foodstalls placed around our city even if we have a tiffin or food which is being cooked along with balanced ingredients. Sometimes it happens that we don't get to eat home cooked food and this is the best occasion for us so that we could rush towards the crash diet items that lie in the category of fast food items. I was also and I am still fascinated by the fast food items that are available at several food stalls placed in every nook and corner of India. 

As I used to chase the crash diet items like fast food during my college days I always found myself unhealthy and the tired feeling at most of the times. After falling ill for three times in a month, I found that it was all because of the things that I was eating. I suddenly reached to the conclusion that crash diet items are the ones who are to be blamed for my weakness and health of mine. At times I had to stay away from eating and the obvious reasons were upset stomach and overeating of the fast food items. I had also gained a little bit of weight due to such eating habits and later on I decided to stop eating the junk food and move towards healthy balanced diet. 

At first, I registered for a membership to the gym and it helped me to reduce my weight a little bit, but this act had activated my stomach system as well. Now it was needed that I prefer a balanced diet rather than aiming for the fast food items. The gym instructor said to me that now you should manage your weight and keep exercising regularly. He also told me to have one spoon of honey along with warm water before starting the day. I wondered about how this can help me in my weight management and decided to search for it on Google. I searched honey diet and found the interesting facts on the Dabur honey website that consumption of honey helps us in weight management, it acts as a sugar substitute, it is a great source of energy, it aids in digestion (which was a big relief for me) and also it helps to cure throat irritation.  

On this Dabur honey website, I also found the my complete diet plan right from the early morning till the dinner time.

To know your diet plan just follow the link given below:

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