Thursday, June 18, 2015

My experience about the #SniffSniff meet organized by Blogadda in the Four Seasons Hotel that located in Worli, Mumbai.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

As you have read my previous blog post about the #SniffSniff activity, this blog post is about the unveiling of the mysterious product. So I got the venue details for this event and it was Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai. On 13 June, 2015 I woke up early in the morning and decided to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before scheduled time. But unfortunately monsoon had to come into effect on this very day because of which I delayed my journey to the venue by 30 minutes. 

I managed to reach till kanjurmarg station without getting wet by the rains and I was unable to get in to the local train to CST but any how someone from the back pushed me inside and my journey towards Parel began. Yes, I decided to get down at Parel station and then go to the venue which was at a walk able distance. In the mean while, I clicked some photographs in the train and I was thinking that which would be the product that could #BanBodyOdour. Watch out the following photographs, banning body odour is damn necessary especially in almost all the seasons in India.


Again I have to manage to get down at the parel station and everyone in the train queued up and I was the last guy to get out. In the rainy season, getting in and out of the train is very tough since the trains are delayed due to water logging issues. So I came out of the station and stood near the share taxi stand and asked for the Mahindra Tower location in Worli area of Mumbai. So it was near about 11 am in the morning and it was really raining cats and dogs in parel and worli area of mumbai. The taxi guy took me to the Mahindra Tower loaction and said that he won't go to Four Seasons Hotel is not too far from here. It is at a walk able distance. As soon as I started walking, I witnessed a big tree fallen due to heavy rains. In that heavy rains, I managed to snap a mysterious pic of it as follows.

After that I started walking and asked at two three places and eventually I met my blogger friend +Kunal Chheda who was coming from the other end of parel station. By this time the clock was ticking at half passed 11 and we both were yet to find the hotel.  But as we both were together, we both said that everyone going to come late due to this monsoon rains. After walking for less than 10 minutes, we found the hotel and we enquired about the #SniffSniff event organized by Blogadda. We were then asked to go to the second floor and we managed to reach there just 45 minutes late. While going above, I snapped the following photograph and I was very happy as Nivea Men product was going to be unveiled.

As soon as we reached the second floor, we saw #BanBodyOdour posters and then we entered the hall where near about 40 or may be more than that chairs were being arranged. Prior to entering the hall, we took coffee and saw many bloggers coming one by one. In the next 15 minutes, almost all the bloggers came and the #SniffSniff event began. For this event a personality expert and researcher, Mr. Animesh Gupta was being invited and he said that he is going to share important tips on ow to keep body odour away. Before that he asked all the male bloggers present for this event to count up to 5 so that a team of five people could be formed for this a small #SniffSniff activity. The activity was that two of the five team members were to be blind folded so as to sniff five items and tell exactly what the items were. Also they had to distinguish the sniffed items as used by male or female ones. Watch the photographs of this activity as follows. After this activity the personality development expert started sharing tips with us.



At first the personality expert, Mr. Animesh Gupta was giving us the tips on how to ban body odour. The tips that he shared with us were weird but they are necessary to follow. The very first tip was to talk about the body odour. He said that rather than keeping quiet we must talk about the body odour as soon as we encounter it. He told us that one of the Gym trainers lost his job just because one of their regular gym visitors refused to train with him as he had bad body odour. So it is better to talk about body odour as it will help the people who are unaware about this issue. The next tip he shared with us was to eat vegetables as much as possible but garlic and onion items are the ones which could increase our body odour. Also alcohol and smoking leads to bad body odour and research has also proved that eating non-vegetarian items also contributes to bad body odour. In this way, he concluded his session and in the next moment a Bollywood Superstar was supposed to interact with us.

Well it was the lunch time and we thought we would not get the opportunity to interact with the Bollywood Superstar (Arjun Rampal). I think I was the only one who had sinffed like a sherlock Holmes about this activty and guessed exactly that Arjun Rampal was surely coming for this event. In this way, at about 1 pm, Arjun Rampal appeared on the stage and he interacted with us and told us that he has been using the Nivea product for the last three years and he said that after lunch we all would be introduced to a product which would help us to #BanBodyOdour. Prior to having lunch he said that we can ask questions to him and I took this opportunity and asked him that what should also be done apart from using the deo. Then, he said that he bathes three times a day and he also asked us to openly talk about the body odour issue to our friends as it will directly help them rather than embarrassing them. 

In this way, everyone headed for lunch and Arjun Rampal said that lets meet after lunch since the #SniffSniff product would be revealed and it will surely help you to #BanBodyOdour. So we had a lunch and during this time the hall was full with almost all of the unknown people. We figured out that they were the media/press people and they were here for the unveiling event of Nivea product. Just after the lunch the product was unveiled in style and it was the unveiling of Nivea Deodorizer for Men. A large replica of this deodorizer bottle was being put on the stage and Arjun Rampal was beholding that replica with his both hands. As soon as the product was unveiled, there was just the sound of camera clicks going on for about one or two minutes. Then the media/press people were allowed to ask few questions and it was a successful #SniffSniff product unveiling event organized by Nivea and Blogadda. Just after this event we also received the Nivea Men Deodorizer and its image is attached below. I also got an instant colour photograph which is placed in the image below. 
After the event, we the bloggers were allowed to take a group photo with Bollywood Superstar - Arjun Rampal. 


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