Sunday, June 21, 2015

I won the bad smell battle in my household just because of Ambi Pur room freshener.

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We all know that there always exists a specific smell evolving in every household and at times it is unpleasant as well. The thing is that this smell is not known to those people who live in the house as they are used to that smell. So it is the duty of visitors to tell if the evolving smell in that house is pleasant or not. Well, it may seem embarrassing to those who are unaware, but this little thing of pointing out the unpleasant will certainly help them to eradicate the bad smell lingering in their household. The best way to inform anyone about the unpleasant smell in their home is to say that, "Please don't mind, but I smelled an unpleasant odor as soon as I entered your house". 

The next thing that you should point out is that, is there any public dustbin nearby your house. Such trash dumping spots sometimes direct bad smell throughout your house, however kept neat and clean. Once I had faced this type of problem in my house. A few years back, I was embarrassed by the guest not about the up keeping of my house, but because of the smell that was generated due to water logging just besides my apartment. Watch out the image attached below. Besides my apartment there is a vacant plot and it is a little bit hollow and it has a runnel alongside its border. In this way, whenever it rains, all the dirty water gets collected in this vacant plot area and it generates damn unpleasant smell and even the passer by people take out their handkerchief and cover their nose.

It smells terrible when some cattle or stray animals crawl or take a dip into this dirty water. As you can see in this image, these buffaloes took a nice dip in this dirty water to get rid of the summer heat.

My flat is on the second floor, but the wind direction is towards my house. So all this dirty smell arrives to every nook and corner of my house by means of this wind flow.  So at most of the times, I try to keep all the windows, bathroom and even gallery doors closed so that the dirty smell does not evolve throughout my house. But this does not help at all since I cannot keep everything closed at all the times. Therefore, I decided to fight with this smell by burning a lot of essence sticks in almost each and every room. But this move was very annoying to all my household members they said that we can live with the bad smell but not all this hefty smoke.    

Now what do I do? I was also upset while I was lighting the essence sticks for the second time. Then I kept it aside and started watching the TV. In just a few moments, I saw the advertisement of Ambi Pur car freshener and thought that if they could have made a room spray, I would have bought it instantly. Again, in the next few minutes of watching the TV, I saw another advertisement which was featured on room. It was a damn big room freshener spray and that too by the Ambi Pur company. Then on the next day, I went to the mall and bought two packs of this Ambi Pur room frehsner and started spraying in almost every room of my house. My family members were very happy as this spray gave a pleasant smell without erupting smoke and it really eradicated the bad smell throughout my household. In this way, I won the bad smell battle within my house just because of the Ambi Pur Room Freshner.

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