Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I thank my dad for supporting me to find the job of my choice. He deserves a tight hug.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Well every father wishes that his child should grow up and start earning as early as possible. In my case, I was not at all interested in the degree which I had completed in the year 2009. At that time, I tried, not my best, but I did try to get into a good job and start earning a big amount of money. I had applied to several job advertisements but while applying I was never confident since I had no interest in the advertisements that were published in those days. I always used to ask myself whether I should apply for those positions which did not lure me at all. I was interested in blogging since 2009 which had nothing to do with my job profile.   

My father suggested me that I should apply only when I would get a lucrative job profile that would match my interest as well. Till then I was busy with blogging and I was earning a little bit of money by spending time on internet. After few days, I saw an advertisement that partially lifted my interest and I did not inform about this to my dad. I applied to this job without informing him and I also got a call back for that job. At first, the company asked me to do an assignment and then if shortlisted they were going to call me for the interview. I did that assignment and I was shortlisted for the further round. The date of further round was after a month. So I decided not to tell my dad anything about this as he would start worrying about my carrier. I really wanted him to not worry about me.  

Now, for the further round I was required to move out of my city and therefore I had no option but to inform my dad about this job and its further selection process. As soon as I told him that I have been shortlisted for further round he exclaimed when you gave its first round! I said that dad it was online and I had applied for this position in the last month only. My dad was happy but annoyed as he hardly had any time to make arrangements for me to attend further round of selection. Any how he made all the arrangements and he was happy to accompany me for the next round which was of written test. Again, I was able to clear the test and I was again happy to tell my dad that I had cleared the written test. Next was the interview and there also I did my best and I got selected for the job position that lured me partially. 

In this way, on this father's day, I thank my dad to support me in finding the job of my choice. Therefore, a tight hug is all that I should offer to my dad as it will be the only best gift that I can give him. 

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