Sunday, June 14, 2015

A father does not need an expensive gift from his children all he want is that they should be successful.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

I still remember the very first day of my school when my dad took me to the school. My classroom was on the fourth floor and I also remember that he was very carrying me in his arms. At that time my father was slim as he used to go to the office by means of bicycle. In those days's it was the only vehicle he had and at that time he used to look fit and fine as well. But while carrying me upstairs his complete focus was on convincing me that I should not cry in the class room and he will be back to pick me up as soon as the school gets over. Whereas at that point of time, my focus was on his breathing as he was feeling unconscious since he had to carry me all the way towards my classroom.  

At that time, I was frightened with the fact that I had to be seated in the classroom all alone by myself and there would be no one with me rather than a teacher and unknown friends. We reached towards my classroom and then he dropped me in to the classroom and left to his office. While going he said to me that don't cry this is your teacher and you have to listen to her and don't worry I will come back as soon as the school gets over. My focus never shifted from my dad and I could not help myself from crying in the classroom. Few minutes later the teacher came to me and said, "you are a good boy don't cry your father will come to pick you up just after few hours". In this way, I was very nervous about my first day of school but my father was very enthusiastic on that day and he was more than happy to drop me at my school. 

Any how I managed to stay cool on the first day of my school and as soon as my school was over I rushed towards the classroom door and I waited for my dad to come at the earliest. By this time, I was happy because I was willing to go home at the earliest. Within few minutes my dad came way up to the fourth floor and he grabbed me, took me up into his arms and started asking me that was I crying after he went back to his office. I was mum and annoyed at that time. My father started smiling and it made me nervous again at that time. 

Today, I remember these old moments on the behalf of father's day and therefore I think that a father does not need an expensive gift from his children all he want is that they should be successful. I also thank him for taking a lot of efforts in dropping me to school and taking me home all by himself and that too by means of a bicycle.  In this way, only a tight hug will make him happier.

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