Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I thank my dad for supporting me to find the job of my choice. He deserves a tight hug.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Well every father wishes that his child should grow up and start earning as early as possible. In my case, I was not at all interested in the degree which I had completed in the year 2009. At that time, I tried, not my best, but I did try to get into a good job and start earning a big amount of money. I had applied to several job advertisements but while applying I was never confident since I had no interest in the advertisements that were published in those days. I always used to ask myself whether I should apply for those positions which did not lure me at all. I was interested in blogging since 2009 which had nothing to do with my job profile.   

My father suggested me that I should apply only when I would get a lucrative job profile that would match my interest as well. Till then I was busy with blogging and I was earning a little bit of money by spending time on internet. After few days, I saw an advertisement that partially lifted my interest and I did not inform about this to my dad. I applied to this job without informing him and I also got a call back for that job. At first, the company asked me to do an assignment and then if shortlisted they were going to call me for the interview. I did that assignment and I was shortlisted for the further round. The date of further round was after a month. So I decided not to tell my dad anything about this as he would start worrying about my carrier. I really wanted him to not worry about me.  

Now, for the further round I was required to move out of my city and therefore I had no option but to inform my dad about this job and its further selection process. As soon as I told him that I have been shortlisted for further round he exclaimed when you gave its first round! I said that dad it was online and I had applied for this position in the last month only. My dad was happy but annoyed as he hardly had any time to make arrangements for me to attend further round of selection. Any how he made all the arrangements and he was happy to accompany me for the next round which was of written test. Again, I was able to clear the test and I was again happy to tell my dad that I had cleared the written test. Next was the interview and there also I did my best and I got selected for the job position that lured me partially. 

In this way, on this father's day, I thank my dad to support me in finding the job of my choice. Therefore, a tight hug is all that I should offer to my dad as it will be the only best gift that I can give him. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I won the bad smell battle in my household just because of Ambi Pur room freshener.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with AmbiPur

We all know that there always exists a specific smell evolving in every household and at times it is unpleasant as well. The thing is that this smell is not known to those people who live in the house as they are used to that smell. So it is the duty of visitors to tell if the evolving smell in that house is pleasant or not. Well, it may seem embarrassing to those who are unaware, but this little thing of pointing out the unpleasant will certainly help them to eradicate the bad smell lingering in their household. The best way to inform anyone about the unpleasant smell in their home is to say that, "Please don't mind, but I smelled an unpleasant odor as soon as I entered your house". 

The next thing that you should point out is that, is there any public dustbin nearby your house. Such trash dumping spots sometimes direct bad smell throughout your house, however kept neat and clean. Once I had faced this type of problem in my house. A few years back, I was embarrassed by the guest not about the up keeping of my house, but because of the smell that was generated due to water logging just besides my apartment. Watch out the image attached below. Besides my apartment there is a vacant plot and it is a little bit hollow and it has a runnel alongside its border. In this way, whenever it rains, all the dirty water gets collected in this vacant plot area and it generates damn unpleasant smell and even the passer by people take out their handkerchief and cover their nose.

It smells terrible when some cattle or stray animals crawl or take a dip into this dirty water. As you can see in this image, these buffaloes took a nice dip in this dirty water to get rid of the summer heat.

My flat is on the second floor, but the wind direction is towards my house. So all this dirty smell arrives to every nook and corner of my house by means of this wind flow.  So at most of the times, I try to keep all the windows, bathroom and even gallery doors closed so that the dirty smell does not evolve throughout my house. But this does not help at all since I cannot keep everything closed at all the times. Therefore, I decided to fight with this smell by burning a lot of essence sticks in almost each and every room. But this move was very annoying to all my household members they said that we can live with the bad smell but not all this hefty smoke.    

Now what do I do? I was also upset while I was lighting the essence sticks for the second time. Then I kept it aside and started watching the TV. In just a few moments, I saw the advertisement of Ambi Pur car freshener and thought that if they could have made a room spray, I would have bought it instantly. Again, in the next few minutes of watching the TV, I saw another advertisement which was featured on room. It was a damn big room freshener spray and that too by the Ambi Pur company. Then on the next day, I went to the mall and bought two packs of this Ambi Pur room frehsner and started spraying in almost every room of my house. My family members were very happy as this spray gave a pleasant smell without erupting smoke and it really eradicated the bad smell throughout my household. In this way, I won the bad smell battle within my house just because of the Ambi Pur Room Freshner.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My experience about the #SniffSniff meet organized by Blogadda in the Four Seasons Hotel that located in Worli, Mumbai.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

As you have read my previous blog post about the #SniffSniff activity, this blog post is about the unveiling of the mysterious product. So I got the venue details for this event and it was Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai. On 13 June, 2015 I woke up early in the morning and decided to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before scheduled time. But unfortunately monsoon had to come into effect on this very day because of which I delayed my journey to the venue by 30 minutes. 

I managed to reach till kanjurmarg station without getting wet by the rains and I was unable to get in to the local train to CST but any how someone from the back pushed me inside and my journey towards Parel began. Yes, I decided to get down at Parel station and then go to the venue which was at a walk able distance. In the mean while, I clicked some photographs in the train and I was thinking that which would be the product that could #BanBodyOdour. Watch out the following photographs, banning body odour is damn necessary especially in almost all the seasons in India.


Again I have to manage to get down at the parel station and everyone in the train queued up and I was the last guy to get out. In the rainy season, getting in and out of the train is very tough since the trains are delayed due to water logging issues. So I came out of the station and stood near the share taxi stand and asked for the Mahindra Tower location in Worli area of Mumbai. So it was near about 11 am in the morning and it was really raining cats and dogs in parel and worli area of mumbai. The taxi guy took me to the Mahindra Tower loaction and said that he won't go to Four Seasons Hotel is not too far from here. It is at a walk able distance. As soon as I started walking, I witnessed a big tree fallen due to heavy rains. In that heavy rains, I managed to snap a mysterious pic of it as follows.

After that I started walking and asked at two three places and eventually I met my blogger friend +Kunal Chheda who was coming from the other end of parel station. By this time the clock was ticking at half passed 11 and we both were yet to find the hotel.  But as we both were together, we both said that everyone going to come late due to this monsoon rains. After walking for less than 10 minutes, we found the hotel and we enquired about the #SniffSniff event organized by Blogadda. We were then asked to go to the second floor and we managed to reach there just 45 minutes late. While going above, I snapped the following photograph and I was very happy as Nivea Men product was going to be unveiled.

As soon as we reached the second floor, we saw #BanBodyOdour posters and then we entered the hall where near about 40 or may be more than that chairs were being arranged. Prior to entering the hall, we took coffee and saw many bloggers coming one by one. In the next 15 minutes, almost all the bloggers came and the #SniffSniff event began. For this event a personality expert and researcher, Mr. Animesh Gupta was being invited and he said that he is going to share important tips on ow to keep body odour away. Before that he asked all the male bloggers present for this event to count up to 5 so that a team of five people could be formed for this a small #SniffSniff activity. The activity was that two of the five team members were to be blind folded so as to sniff five items and tell exactly what the items were. Also they had to distinguish the sniffed items as used by male or female ones. Watch the photographs of this activity as follows. After this activity the personality development expert started sharing tips with us.



At first the personality expert, Mr. Animesh Gupta was giving us the tips on how to ban body odour. The tips that he shared with us were weird but they are necessary to follow. The very first tip was to talk about the body odour. He said that rather than keeping quiet we must talk about the body odour as soon as we encounter it. He told us that one of the Gym trainers lost his job just because one of their regular gym visitors refused to train with him as he had bad body odour. So it is better to talk about body odour as it will help the people who are unaware about this issue. The next tip he shared with us was to eat vegetables as much as possible but garlic and onion items are the ones which could increase our body odour. Also alcohol and smoking leads to bad body odour and research has also proved that eating non-vegetarian items also contributes to bad body odour. In this way, he concluded his session and in the next moment a Bollywood Superstar was supposed to interact with us.

Well it was the lunch time and we thought we would not get the opportunity to interact with the Bollywood Superstar (Arjun Rampal). I think I was the only one who had sinffed like a sherlock Holmes about this activty and guessed exactly that Arjun Rampal was surely coming for this event. In this way, at about 1 pm, Arjun Rampal appeared on the stage and he interacted with us and told us that he has been using the Nivea product for the last three years and he said that after lunch we all would be introduced to a product which would help us to #BanBodyOdour. Prior to having lunch he said that we can ask questions to him and I took this opportunity and asked him that what should also be done apart from using the deo. Then, he said that he bathes three times a day and he also asked us to openly talk about the body odour issue to our friends as it will directly help them rather than embarrassing them. 

In this way, everyone headed for lunch and Arjun Rampal said that lets meet after lunch since the #SniffSniff product would be revealed and it will surely help you to #BanBodyOdour. So we had a lunch and during this time the hall was full with almost all of the unknown people. We figured out that they were the media/press people and they were here for the unveiling event of Nivea product. Just after the lunch the product was unveiled in style and it was the unveiling of Nivea Deodorizer for Men. A large replica of this deodorizer bottle was being put on the stage and Arjun Rampal was beholding that replica with his both hands. As soon as the product was unveiled, there was just the sound of camera clicks going on for about one or two minutes. Then the media/press people were allowed to ask few questions and it was a successful #SniffSniff product unveiling event organized by Nivea and Blogadda. Just after this event we also received the Nivea Men Deodorizer and its image is attached below. I also got an instant colour photograph which is placed in the image below. 
After the event, we the bloggers were allowed to take a group photo with Bollywood Superstar - Arjun Rampal. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mysterious #SniffSniff activity was being conducted by in the month of June, 2015.

A mysterious #SniffSniff activity was being conducted by the website and for this activity only male bloggers were being allowed to register. The announcement for this activity was posted on on 28th May 2015. In this notification, they said that only few male bloggers would be shortlisted and therefore register as soon as possible. At first, only the following image was visible about this mysterious activity and I was really not able to guess what this activity was all about.

I was really excited about this activity and it was the first time that I had got the opportunity to participate. I registered for this activity and I think I may be the first person to apply for this activity. After registration, I started reading the details about this activity and our job was to guess what the exact product is based upon the 3 mystery items that were going to be delivered at our doorsteps. 
The first mystery item's image is as follows. The item consisted of a clip and a pamphlet on which a Man's cartoon picture on it. The clip was attached to its nose part and this pamphlet also contained a message that, "Clothes clips are for the clothes line, not your nose, as for Body Odour". So we were asked to tweet or blog on how we control our Body Odour. So after receiving this first clue item, I was sure that the #SniffSniff product would be a Deodorant, Body Spray or a shower gel invented only for MEN.

The second mystery item's image is as follows. As soon as I opened this package, I was reluctant to open it up since it did not smell good. But after opening it smelled fantastic. The item consisted of a small jute bag which had coffee beans in it and a card with message as, "An easy way to neutralize odour is coffee beans, but body odour, you need all sorts of ways and means!". So by now, I was definitely sure that the product would be exactly a Deodorant, Body Spray or a shower gel invented only for MEN.

The third mystery item's image is as follows. As I opened this package, I found a mask and a card with the message as, "A mask should be used to protect you from pollution and disease, not when someone's terrible body odour has put you ill at ease!" At the end of this card a link - was being shared where we had to watch the video which could help us in guessing the exact #SniffSniff product. I watched the following video at about 11:45 pm on 12 June, 2015. 

After watching this video, I posted a Facebook status as, " ‪#SniffSniff ‪#BanBodyOdour! According to me Arjun Rampal promotes Nivea Products. So my guess is that tomorrow there would be an unveiling of Deodrant or a liquid body wash for men at Four Seasons, Worli and that too by Arjun Rampal."
On 13 June, 2015 the #SniffSniff meet was being organized and on that day only the product was going to be released at the Four Seasons Hotel situated in Worli. So to know more about the #SniffSniff meet and unveiling of this mysterious product read my next post.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A father does not need an expensive gift from his children all he want is that they should be successful.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

I still remember the very first day of my school when my dad took me to the school. My classroom was on the fourth floor and I also remember that he was very carrying me in his arms. At that time my father was slim as he used to go to the office by means of bicycle. In those days's it was the only vehicle he had and at that time he used to look fit and fine as well. But while carrying me upstairs his complete focus was on convincing me that I should not cry in the class room and he will be back to pick me up as soon as the school gets over. Whereas at that point of time, my focus was on his breathing as he was feeling unconscious since he had to carry me all the way towards my classroom.  

At that time, I was frightened with the fact that I had to be seated in the classroom all alone by myself and there would be no one with me rather than a teacher and unknown friends. We reached towards my classroom and then he dropped me in to the classroom and left to his office. While going he said to me that don't cry this is your teacher and you have to listen to her and don't worry I will come back as soon as the school gets over. My focus never shifted from my dad and I could not help myself from crying in the classroom. Few minutes later the teacher came to me and said, "you are a good boy don't cry your father will come to pick you up just after few hours". In this way, I was very nervous about my first day of school but my father was very enthusiastic on that day and he was more than happy to drop me at my school. 

Any how I managed to stay cool on the first day of my school and as soon as my school was over I rushed towards the classroom door and I waited for my dad to come at the earliest. By this time, I was happy because I was willing to go home at the earliest. Within few minutes my dad came way up to the fourth floor and he grabbed me, took me up into his arms and started asking me that was I crying after he went back to his office. I was mum and annoyed at that time. My father started smiling and it made me nervous again at that time. 

Today, I remember these old moments on the behalf of father's day and therefore I think that a father does not need an expensive gift from his children all he want is that they should be successful. I also thank him for taking a lot of efforts in dropping me to school and taking me home all by himself and that too by means of a bicycle.  In this way, only a tight hug will make him happier.

To energize my life with #MaxFreshMove, I just need to watch a song in which there is a nice music and terrific dancer.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

Read the following blog post on how any situation would be charged when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice comes together.

When I was in college, I always used to call my friends at my house and so that I can complete the homework in no time and start playing as early as possible. My friends were also interested to visit my home place since they also liked to complete homework at the earliest and play for long hours. One day only one friend of mine, Akshay, came to my house and we decided to complete our task, which was to complete the 20 pages chemistry practical book within two days. On day one, we both decided to complete 10 pages of the book but unfortunately we could only complete 6 pages since this chemistry practical book had a lot of diagrams and tabular statistics which took a very long time to complete. 

At the 7 pm on day one, Akshay said that we would need a total three days to complete this work since there are more diagrams and tabular statistics that are to be drawn so as to complete this chemistry practical book. I said, no we have to complete this task within 2 days otherwise we will not get time to play and have fun. So he said that he will come again in the night to my house after dinner and I also said come at 8.30 pm and we will work till midnight today. As soon as Akshay came to my house after having his dinner, I decided to have mine in jiffy and start working to complete the task. While I was having my dinner, Akshay was waiting so I asked him to watch TV in the hall. 

As soon as he switched on the TV, on one cable channel, Anuskha Manchanda was singing a song and by that time I had finished my dinner and sat with him in the TV room. He insisted that we should watch one more song and start working to complete our assignment. After watching one more song which was from Tamil film - Arya, me and Akshay, both had been stunned by the dance moves of Allu Arjun. In this way, we started our work at 9 pm and by 10 pm we had completed our target, the 10 pages work of that chemical journal. So my friend asked me what we should do next. I said lets watch TV for 15 minutes as we both were seating in hall and completing our assignment. 

Again we watched Allu Arjun's another song from the same movie - Arya. Akshay seriously said that if Anushka Manchanda could sing and Allu Arjun would dance on that song then it would be a great pleasure for the late night worker's like us. I also said that yes, Allu Arjun's dance moves are so perfect that at times, it really makes us feel that anybody can dance. On the other hand, Anushka Manchanda's also sings very well. After this #MaxFreshMove of watching both, Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda's songs, we got back to work and we completed next 2 pages of work. 

In this way, on the last day, I and Akshay had to complete only 8 pages of work and we did it so fast that we were free by 2 pm. On that day, we both played a lot of cricket where as rest of our friends were busy working on this same 20 pages assignment for the entire 3 days. According to me, just watching the songs of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda was the only #MaxFreshMove that helped us work efficiently and energetically and complete the assignment in no time. Therefore, whenever Allu Arjun’s sensational dance moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice comes together then the environment really gets charged up and it aid to our efficiency as well.
In life there are some situations where everything seems to be very boring and at that time we really need to make a move so fresh that we get an energetic as well as inspiring feel to move ahead in our life. Whenever I feel bored or tired I try to watch the video songs of Allu Arjun from the Telugu movie named Arya. This movie was released in the year 2004 but still if you watch these songs, anyone would feel energetic and fully charged up. Well I don't know Telugu language at all but the following video song is just awesome and the dance moves performed by Allu Arjun are truly sensational and it really refreshes your mood and gives#MaxFreshMove to get rid of bore drum.

In this way, the next song that I watch to energize myself is the following video. In this song also the dance moves are outstanding and the song also describes that we may easily get disappointed by the certain or several situations in our life but the thing is that we must always try our best to keep ourselves energetic and fresh at all the times. Just dance to whatever the tune your life is playing and just keep yourselves happy for almost all the times in life.

Now the next way to energize my life is by listening to the songs sung by Anushka Manchanda. Following is the one song which is from the movie Golmaal - Fun Unlimited. Well this movie had been a hit and the song sung by Anushka was the most popular song at that time. Whenever I used to hear songs from this movie during 2006-07, I used to remember the funny story of this entire movie. Well even today, if I watch this movie again I start to laugh and it really energies me. The song is also well sung by Anushka and she really has an outstanding voice. According to me in the following video song, there isn't anything interesting in but the song which resembles the fun part of the movie.    

At last the song from Chandani Chowk to China movie is also being sung by Anushka and this song also depicts the fun story part that lies within this movie. Well this movie did not make big on the box office but the songs of this movie did a pretty good job in providing the #MaxFreshMove to all the audience.

Now if the singer Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun comes together then it would be really #MaxFreshMove because both of them would do a great job. The terrific dance moves of Allu Arjun will match up with the terrific voice of Anushka and it will be a great pleasure to watch and hear brilliant performance of voice and dance both at the same time.

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