Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I know the importance of sharing the load and therefore I pledged to contribute as well.

We all live in the world of busy schedule and it is obvious that each one of finds time to entertain ourselves via social media sites the idiot box which Television Set (TV). Whenever we have time we utilize it selfishly and according to me only few people in this world would like to invest their free time in doing the household chores. Amazingly, I am one of those guys who invest his time in the household chores and my mom never tells me to do this or do that stuff. I choose to do the household chores even before she tells me. Sometimes my mom shouts at me if I help her a lot in doing the household duties. But I have never stopped and never should I since I know the importance of sharing the load at almost all the times. 

Well, I have done the little task like sweeping and mopping the house and other assistant duties in household chores but I never did the laundry stuff. We purchased the washing machine about 5 to 6 years back and but I never washed my clothes on my own in this gadget. I remember that those days when my mom used to do all the laundry work and at that time I could only help her in bringing the washing powder and spreading the washed clothes on string tied in my balcony and at times on the terrace of our apartment. I also remember that spreading clothes on terrace was a big risk since because of uncertain rains in those days without the washing machine. 

Now let us come to the main subject, since we bought the washing machine, I never did the laundry work which I was willing to do for a long time and share the load of my household chores. My mom never allowed me to do that but thanks to the Blogadda Team since they launched the contest “Share the Load with Ariel’s #WashBucketChallenge” which is sponsored by Ariel. I registered for this challenge and I received the sample of Ariel Matic washing power within 7 days. 

On the very next day, I asked my brother to snap a photograph of me and take this #WashBucketChallenge. At first my brother was laughing at me when I gathered only my own clothes whose collars and cuff areas for this challenge. Then I got some more clothes of his and soaked them in the washing machine for about 30 minutes. After 1 hour, I forgot that I had been on the #WashBucketChallenge. J Well our machine is not an automatic machine and after the first wash of clothes which is of 15 minutes a buzzer sounds terribly throughout the house and obviously my family member got annoyed in the first go since I was washing clothes in the power nap time. I ran towards the machine and switched off the buzzer flushed the dirty water of clothes and refilled the machine for second wash of 6 minutes.

In the mean while, Ariel Matic washing powder had done its job of removing the stains of from my collar and cuff part of my clothes by giving them a fresh fragrance at the same time. Prior to the arrival of washing machine at my home, I remember my mom who used to always try hard to remove the stains from collar part of clothes. At times it was difficult for her and she used to keep them soaking for long time and wash again. My mom was also surprise that how the collar stains got cleaned up by merely soaking clothes in Ariel Matic. Now it was about to sound the washing machine buzzer but this time I managed to switch off before it sounded harshly in the serene afternoon time. I flushed that water and refilled machine again for the last 6 minutes wash cycle and then I shifted the clothes to the dryer compartment of washing machine. Now while spreading the clothes on string in my balcony my mom came to see if the stains are gone and she was happy that I took this challenge and I was able to share the load she also said that now with the help of Ariel Matic washing powder the laundry in now not the Woman’s Job anymore. 

What I found in this wash bucket challenge is that the laundry job is not entitled towards a single member of the family and it is the duty of every family member to come forward and share the load since there are a lot of household chores that has to be done on day to day basis. If we, the male people can do this laundry work instead of wasting time in watching TV programs and scrolling the social media sites it would be a great share of the household chores and this will ultimately result in more free time for our mother who does this work on daily basis and most importantly without complaining at all. So, now it is the duty of male people in the house to come forward and share the load. So I took the pledge to contribute in laundry work and following is the image which shows my second attempt to #WashBucketChallenge.

In this way, I nominate my following friends to accept this #WashBucketChallenge and pledge to share the load using Ariel Matic washing powder.   

Suryakant Dolse

Aliasgar Mukhtiar

Debopam Banerjee
Niranjan G
Punit Dubey 

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