Monday, April 27, 2015

The important thing to celebrate every moment is to keep in touch with everyone and enjoy the company.

Few years ago, we the people used to have a lot of time to talk to each other and almost everyone was keen enough to know all the things happening in their surroundings. But today, the case is such that the people are only connected to their friends and relatives and that too electronically. I mean to say, we all use the social media sites and the applications which keeps us connected with the friends and relatives at all the times. Also it is the fact that every individual today follows a very hectic and rigorous work schedule which eventually allows only few minutes of free time.  
The free time is of no use during the week days and on weekends the days pass by as if it is only a one day instead of two. Both the weekend days, Saturday and Sunday are not helpful if you have planned to meet the relatives and friends both at the same time. We need to plan in such a way that we get the ample time to spend with both of them in equal amount, not less not more. But the thing is that this is the moment which will keep us electrified throughout the week and also it is a good thing to keep in touch with everyone.  

Gone are the days, when we used to know almost everyone living in our surroundings and discuss it with our parents. Now days, I think the youth has no time to spend it in knowing the people living around their concrete homes. But according to me this the real moment where the youth of today should invest their time and take pride in having conversation with their friends, relatives and people living in their society. In this way, all we need to do is keep in touch with everyone and the celebrating moments will arrive since because the youth would be interacting with the real world and in person as well. 

Fortunately, I try my best to keep in touch with my friends and relatives and obviously, at times I fail to keep in touch with some but never forget them and meet them in person as early as possible. Till then, the social media apps are the only ones which helps us to be in touch with our near and dear ones and we are at least able to celebrate the moments that come our way. 

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