Thursday, April 23, 2015

Suresh from kerala inspires me the most and I want the world to know how he deserves to be felicited by JSW.

I’m voting for (Suresh)’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

We all know the importance of rainy season and especially in the summer season we wish it to start as early as possible. We also know that due to rain every living being on this planet earth gets refreshed and everyone is relived from the intense summer heat. But this is the case when the rainfall is in normal range. Whenever the rainfall is intense, it is not a good thing for snakes and eventually they have to venture here and there so as to get relieved from the rain water which has entirely dismantled their place of living.

In this way, we see the snakes every now and then in summer season and at times we even find them in our house gardens as well as in our concrete homes. Obviously, we the scared people think that the snake will bit someone and we try to kill it first and if that is not possible then we call a professional snake catcher (if he is available) to rescue us from its presence near our concrete surroundings. At most of the times there are no professional snake catchers and the people who come for our rescue also gets frightened and try their best to kill the snake who eventually came to the place just because it wanted to stay away from water contact.

The poor snake does not know that it is in trouble not because of rain water but because of the fear that lingers in the minds of almost every human being. Therefore there must be someone who really wants to save the lives of these snakes who unknowingly find the safest places in the man-made surroundings. Well people call such person as a snake catcher but for me he is the only man who bears a will of steel. One of those persons is Vava Suresh from Kerala who is expert in saving the lives of snakes from the dreadful human beings.

Vava Suresh has been really doing an incredible job of saving the lives of snakes and it is really great to know that he was being bitten by snakes for more than 250 times. Today almost every individual is willing to get a Government Job but Suresh was being offered the same. According to me he really has a will of steel and that is why he refused to do a job only for the sake of snakes. Therefore, I nominate him to get felicitated and enabled by JSW. Please vote for him by logging on the following link: 

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