Monday, March 16, 2015

When every family member was together that was the most memorable day of my life.

Well it is obvious to quote, “when every family member was together” because in this rapid paced world every minute has precious value where as the value of staying together is equally getting hiked. Now days however hard we try to make every family stay together, the task seems impossible not because of the issues within the family but because everyone has to venture here and there either to earn a living of their choice or forcefully do the job by staying in another city. Also at times people care for the earning rather than living together with the family. This is the life which almost each one of us is living together.   
Fortunately, the memorable day of my life happens to be the day when every member of my family was together at our home. In my family, everyone has been assigned the home duties and almost each one of them completes those as early as possible. At times these home work tasks are never completed in time and the only reason for such incomplete tasks is either some guests have arrived or some favourite TV program is being telecast. Watching the favourite TV programs with all family members together is such a joy and it really fills the home with full of optimism. It is such that if another interesting program arrives, we start to call each other to settle down together in front of TV and watch the program with full joy.
Now let us come to the part of memorable day of my life. One day my mom taught me how to boil the tea properly the occasion was that she had some other task at hand and both the tasks were important. I was in college so I was the person who could shift the timing and I was also ok with it since it was flexible. While boiling the tea, I thought for a while and found that I could easily do this task of preparing tea for every family member and it would also speed up the entire family tasks altogether. By this time I over boiled the tea and it spilt over the gas stove. I cleaned the spilt-over myself in no time and served tea to every family member.

Everyone liked the tea and all the credit was given to me instead of giving it to my mom. My mom also said that you had prepared it well. I was refusing to accept this praise and the next day, I prepared it for the entire family. To my surprise, everyone in my family was saying that you are the champ in making tea and the way you incorporate the taste into it is remarkable. This was the most memorable day of my life when everyone in my family was together and praising me on the good work. After this, I used to prepare tea for almost every day and even today every family member of mine likes it but they try to keep me away from it since they want me to focus on earning rather than living together. It means that my family is together in my journey as well. This feeling of togetherness surely brings the motivation and strength in me to look up and give the best of my performance in any task comes in my way.   


  1. Indeed...Family time is the best...
    True meaning of #together...

    N humko bhi kabhi chai par bulana... :)

    1. You are always welcome. No need to wait for my invitation ;-). Thanks for reading the post.


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