Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My opinion on how E-Governance through technology can accelerate the vision of #DigitalIndia.

This is my entry to the contest #DigitalIndia Sponsored by Intel and conducted by

The Digital India is a program in which there will be the integration of every person living in India and almost every department of the Indian government. As the fourth pillar of Digital India is e-Governance, it will surely help every person living in India just because of the use of Technology. If this e-Governance gets implemented successfully then we the people would not have to spend extra money to get verified documents right from our school certificates to the important documents that are needed to be sanctioned by various departments. 

According to me if there is a secured online repository of school certificates, voter ID cards, UIDAI then it will be easier for every person to produce documents in electronic format. This will ultimately bring down over usage of the Xerox machines, printers and most importantly is the paper. Now days every student as well as every citizen in India needs to print and get the Xerox copies of several original documents. In the end these print or Xerox copies go to the dust bin after few years. In this process a lot of time of every citizen is being wasted to produce the original and Xerox copies of original documents to several departments. If the electronic copies are accepted then it will surely save paper wastage as well.

Another important thing is that by the vision of #DigitalIndia there will be less time wastage in getting the attestation of Xerox and print copies of several original documents. At times we do the self attestation of all the Xerox and print copies and this is seriously a wastage of time. I know that there are culprits in the society who misuse the technology and temper the document verification process but in such cases the innocent people are the ones who suffer unnecessarily. 
Therefore, if every document is available online then every person in India will just have to give his credentials and the necessary original documents of that person will be available at ease and there will be no need of third party verification. In this way, at least the document verification procedure will be at the highest speed within our nation and thus accelerating the vision of #DigitalIndia. Further this electronic documents should be made so secure that even if any of the citizen wishes to produce the original documents internationally then the same electronic versions should hold the same value globally. If this is achieved then #DigitalIndia would get acceleration for Indian Citizens Internationally as well. 

In this world of original and deceitfulness, it is important to maintain a record of important documents electronically and that too in tamper proof manner. #DigitalIndia can surely overcome this hurdle if proper security measures are being implemented with the help of experts who had already done the good work for the nation. To accelerate the vision, such experienced people should be brought into focus and their expertise has to be implemented in no time.

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