Thursday, March 5, 2015

My look up story relates to playing Cricket during my school days.

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As we all know that the Cricket World Cup 2015 has already started and it is obvious that it attracts almost every kid and youth. Such is the charm of the game called Cricket. In my school days, I was always fascinated by the game of cricket and I used to head home just to drop my bag, re-energize and hit the field as early as possible. I always used to look up at my friends who used to play cricket with simple techniques. At times, I used to replicate their actions and I used to get wickets of my friends by applying very less efforts. 

At first I was a casual cricket player amongst my talented friends who used to play cricket perfectly. After few years of playing cricket with my friends, they found something different in me and they always waited for me to start playing cricket. At times, I used to do time pass in my house since my aim was to play just outside my house instead of heading towards the cricket ground which was half a kilometer away from my house. Some of my friends used to shout at me but they also knew that going that long distance was difficult as none of us had bicycles during those school days. 

After few days, every friend of mine used to have a discussion with me regarding the game of cricket and I used to give them all the tips on how to play better cricket. These cricketing moments made me confident not only on the field but also in my studies. My friends also used to include me in the group study discussions which gave me a lot of confidence while studying in school days. I used to get positive energy just because of playing cricket together with my friends. Whenever I used to find difficulty, I always had a hope since I had good friends who always used to give me confidence.  

All in all, the Cricket is the game which gave me the moments where I could find optimism about the situations that felt in front of me every now and then. Playing cricket on the field made me strong not only physically but mentally as well. The school days were amazing since because me and my friends used to go to each others house on alternate days. Obviously the reason was for playing cricket but we used to study for an hour or two and then only we used to start playing cricket. Each one of us always had a hope in our minds during our school days and it was to perform to the best of our abilities and give our hundred percent in any task whether it is related to playing, studying or anything else. Even today I and my friends are full of optimism in our approach towards the situation and moments that fall ahead of our lives.   

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