Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My bad times taught me to start a new life.

The bad times are inevitable parts of our life and they really come with the purpose which is to start a new life again. As mentioned in my previous post – My look up story relates to playing Cricket during my school days, I would like to mention my bad times in my sporting life. In my early school days, I used to play horrible cricket and I was a total rookie till I rediscovered on how to improve the performance in any game that we play. I used to watch TV programs and one day I saw a reality TV show which was based on finding the cricketing talent in India. The show was focused on the blooming cricketers and this show was about sending only one youngster to play for the county cricket club team of England. 

I don’t remember exactly but I think that the name of the reality TV show was “Cricketing star talent hunt” and Robin Singh was the host of that show. This show was being telecast on national channel – DD1. I saw almost every episode and found the tips on how to improve performance in the game of cricket. In this way, I found my own bad tactics of playing the game and it was a real experience on how one could improve on their own merely by watching the reality TV show. One thing I noticed from this TV show was that many contestants in this show were either good studying candidates or part-time workers. It was amazing to know that the contestants for this show were studying as well as earning to live up their sporting life. 

By watching this TV show, I improved my performance in all the areas of cricket game like bowling, fielding and batting. I found that the running exercise was the vital part for playing good cricket. Now it was the time for me to apply in the local cricket club and start living a sporting life. I went for the selection test and to my surprise; I had to bowl to a batsman which was left handed. It was really a bad time in my cricketing life as I had never ever bowled to this type of batsman. I tried to bowl best of the bowling attack that I had practised but eventually every ball that I bowled was invalid and this gave an impression to the selector that I am still a rookie in the game of cricket.   

At that point of time, I was devastated because I had devoted most of the time playing rather than studying. Therefore, my carrier in sports was at stake and I had to choose either sports or education as my carrier and choosing both would not provide a significant result. It was clear that if I choose education as carrier then I had to start a new life again by dedicating a lot of time on studying rather than playing the lucrative sport which is cricket. In this way, I learned that even after dedicating most of the time for things that we love to do the most, it is important to posses the learn again attitude and start a new life again. Today, on the basis of my education I am doing a job and earning a living which could have been very difficult by merely playing cricket. Therefore friends, it is important to know the limits of life. Go beyond limits if you can but never get disappointed if you fail to succeed in the field of your choice. It is never late to start over again.  

Start a New Life
Go beyond limits if you can but never get disappointed if you fail to succeed in the field of your choice. It is never late to start over again. Watch the following video and follow the link: 

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