Sunday, February 1, 2015

The three things that I wish to do right now since life doesn't always give a #SecondChance

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We all live only one life and there are a lot of things that we wish to do or at least we dream of them  every now and then. In my case there exists three things that I have been putting off for the future and I really want to do them right now since our life doesn't always give a #SecondChance. The first thing is to hit the gym every day and be a champ like Vin Diesel. The second thing is to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls and travel alone through dense forest and get out alive. The third one is to be on the India-Pakistan border at least for a day or two.    

To be a fit person like Vin Diesel, I really need to hit the gym each day not because for getting a macho look but for staying healthy at all the times so as to help every person around me. Today, everyone in the world is living a corporate life and there seems no humanity because the time has become money for everyone of us. We are even not finding time to talk to each other since we always need wealth in our pockets. I feel incredibly sad whenever I see ill people getting no attention towards them during their hard times. So that is why I wish to hit the gym and be fit at all the times to help every person around me.

The next thing I wish to do right now is to maneuver through the dense forest all by myself and alone without carrying any weapon or task force with me. The purpose behind this act is just to get a feel of dense vegetation within the forest rather than maneuvering through the concrete jungle to gather wealth. If possible, I would like to go along with the Bear Grylls who can help me get out alive from the dense forest at ease and at the earliest. Also safely since because there is no #SecondChance in our life.

At last but not the least, I wish to go on the India-Pakistan border not to fight but take the duty charge at least for a day or two so that the on duty soldier can take a nap or rest. Well this cannot happen in real but I really wish to offer my service for at least one soldier who is always awake and alert at all the times guarding the border. Hence, these are the things that I wish to do right now since there is no #SecondChance in our life.      

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