Sunday, February 15, 2015

The 5 reasons on why Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

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The first reason for ASUS ZenFone as my ideal valentine is that it has an Intel processor incorporated within the phone which bears multitasking feature along with less battery usage feature. As we all know that almost every website that we wish to surf on mobile devices requires a sufficiently long duration to load properly, in such cases Intel processor is the one that will aid in loading all the web pages at a faster rate. This also means that if the mobile handset bears an Intel processor, then we can play almost every game on the device even if there is complicated graphics involved within those mobile games. Well it is really like the #UnconditionalLove Advertisement as shown in the following video.  

The second reason is that ZenFone has an expandable memory that can be extended to about 64 GB with the usage of flash memory card. Also, there is about 8 GB of ROM on the device that will allow me to save extra bit of data as well. Everyone uses the memory for storing songs, movies and work related backup, but I would prefer the usage of this huge memory to store each and every photograph shot by me. I love snapping photographs of nature and at times I snap the successive series without thinking the available space on the device. 

The third reason is that ZenFone has the perfect display screen. As the device bears a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, I would get to play the games on this device with superb clarity and also watch the currently ongoing cricket world cup videos that are present on the official website of Star sports. I also love watching the discovery channel videos that are available on YouTube and this phone will really help me access them clear rich format at the earliest as well.       

The fourth reason is that ZenFone has a flawless internet connectivity feature. We know that the cost of 3G internet connectivity is higher and therefore it is better to use the Wi-Fi internet access whenever we get the access of it. So this phone bears both the features and it will really save our data charges with the help of a Wi-Fi feature. At times of crisis we can make use of the superfast 3G connection and get our work done in no time. Well the 3G connection is expensive, but thanks for the Wi-Fi connectivity that is available freely at most of the times.  

The fifth reason for ZenFone as my ideal valentine because it has a superb camera. As mentioned previously, I have a great interest in photography and the superiorly quality camera of this phone will really add value to the ones snapped by me. It would be great to get comments from my friends regarding my photography work as well.  

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