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My experience at 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with

Well, it was the Saturday 21st of February 2015 where we the bloggers were being invited to get acquainted with the new Axis Bank app. Well I could not manage to reach the venue on time but I was allowed to attend the event even after reaching the venue by near about 30 to 45 minutes late. Thank you @TeamBlogadda. Also, before starting the event, I got a call that the event is about to start as per the schedule. 

 As soon as I entered the hall, I found more than 20 bloggers already seated and the session had already started. At that time, I instantly made a move to jot down the points not for asking the righteous questions but for getting acquainted with the new Axis Bank app. This move also made me popular on the twitter that day watch out the twitter handle with @Blogadda or #DigitalAxis.

In that conference room there were screens on which we, the bloggers, saw the live demo of the new Axis Bank app. We were shown the live demo on how to add a beneficiary account in without knowing too much of details. The Axis Bank employees showed us that how we can add any beneficiary account by merely three details like account number, mobile number and the photo of that account holder. Here it is important to know that we can either snap a photo of the beneficiary account holder or we can add the photograph from facebook app itself. In this way the beneficiary account addition can be done immediately via the mobile banking app of Axis Bank. 

The app is designed on three principles as follows:
- What you Know
- What you Have
- What you Get.    

After addition, we saw that there are three options as Instant, Later and Standard. At this time the Axis Bank official - Mr. Pramod added one of the bloggers account and he also transferred Rs. 10/- to show that Instant payment can be done using the new Axis Bank app. Also, the transactions which are done frequently using this app, will be shown in the Favourite section within the app so that next time we do the same transaction we don't have to recall all the details virtually. The best thing about this app is that a limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs can be set for the beneficiary account. Also, if we want to change our mobile number associated for the mobile banking then we will have to go either in Atm or in the bank. 
On the home screen we saw the first line displaying total balance and the last line contained four options as Accounts, Transfer, Recharge and Pay Bills. We were also given a demo on how to block and replace the credit card. Another important thing about this new Axis bank app is that we will be able to Switch ON or OFF our Debit Card as and when required. Sometimes we do forget our mobile pin number and in such cases we either head to online banking or the bank to get the new one. Well, now this can be done using the mobile banking app of Axis Bank.  

Using the new Axis bank app the customers will earn reward points for transactions performed. After accumulation of reward points, the user can directly go to the e-commerce portal via this app and purchase products against the accumulated reward points. At last but not the least feature of this app is that it will show the dining offers nearby our vicinity and also locate the branch or ATM stations using GPS.
Pros of using the new Axis Bank app: 

- If the mobile is lost, then the Debit card is also blocked.
- If the user forgets mpin, then it can be reset using the app itself without going to the internet or at the bank in person.
- First 5 days, the balance transfer limit is of Rs. 30,000/-
- More features like Mutual funds, Demat, etc would be added in future. 

My Suggestion to Axis Bank app:
Please develop the app in such a way that the user would be able to switch between following two modes:
1) SMS Mode and
2) GPRS or 3G Mode. 

The SMS Mode is important since the internet connectivity is very poor in some parts of our country. I know that there are limitations in this mode but the app should have this feature embedded so that the user does not gets disappointed due to poor internet connectivity. 

After the few minutes of this acquaintance activity we all were provided snacks and at the end we were also being guided to the cafeteria to have lunch. I thank Axis Bank and the @TeamBlogadda for conducting this activity perfectly.

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