Sunday, February 1, 2015

I got Quikr NXT and these are my reasons to prefer chat feature over the phone call feature.

This is my entry to the Get Quikr NXT - Happy Hours activity sponsored by Quikr and conducted by Indiblogger. 

We all know that the best place to sell any new or used item online, it is important to create our profile on the best online selling portal which is The only thing we need to do is click the image of an item that we wish to sell and we have to upload the image through our account on the Quikr portal. Also it is necessary to tag the price for an item along with its uploaded image. As soon as we complete this process, our mobile phone starts ringing and every buyer tries to negotiate on the price that has been tagged by us. In such situation, obviously we will ask that buyer to wait for a day or two so that we could search for another buyer who can afford to spend the exact amount of the item as prescribed by us.

In case, if we head towards the local resale dealer then we get nothing but disappointment for the item that we wish to sell at good price. The local dealers are very rude and they don't value the item even if they know that it is just few months old. This scenario is best explained in the following video. 

So as mentioned above if we use the Quikr portal, we will get several phone calls and it may happen that we could be contacted by the buyers who bear similar names. This scenario appears best in the following video.

Also, we can easily get jumbled by the phone calls of buyers with similar names therefore it is necessary to use the chat feature which is named as - Quikr NXT. So this is my first reason for preferring the chat feature over phone call. It is the best feature for selling an item online through Quikr portal.  

The second reason for using the chat feature is that it allows us to lock and unlock our contact number. Due to this feature, the sellers will be able to show their contact number whenever they have free time to receive calls. Watch the following video in which the seller wants to sell his car but he gets an unwanted call and this leads to unnecessary interruption as well as the loss of precious time during busy working office hours. Hence, contact number privacy is the most important feature that helps us to prefer the chat feature over phone call feature. 

Now the third but not the least reason for using the chat feature over phone call feature is that we can quickly evaluate the buyers intention in reality and in detail as well. Some buyers keep calling without considering any time frame and at times the sellers may find themselves in awkward situation. Watch out the following video where receiving calls can be a make or break situation in our life. 

Therefore, just download the Quikr NXT app which helps the buyers and sellers to interact with each other by means of  the chat feature. Due to this the buyer and seller both can track their chat history and they can also exchange the item or product information in detail. This will lead to the online dealing of items without using the phone call feature in coming days.  

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