Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My experience at 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with

Well, it was the Saturday 21st of February 2015 where we the bloggers were being invited to get acquainted with the new Axis Bank app. Well I could not manage to reach the venue on time but I was allowed to attend the event even after reaching the venue by near about 30 to 45 minutes late. Thank you @TeamBlogadda. Also, before starting the event, I got a call that the event is about to start as per the schedule. 

 As soon as I entered the hall, I found more than 20 bloggers already seated and the session had already started. At that time, I instantly made a move to jot down the points not for asking the righteous questions but for getting acquainted with the new Axis Bank app. This move also made me popular on the twitter that day watch out the twitter handle with @Blogadda or #DigitalAxis.

In that conference room there were screens on which we, the bloggers, saw the live demo of the new Axis Bank app. We were shown the live demo on how to add a beneficiary account in without knowing too much of details. The Axis Bank employees showed us that how we can add any beneficiary account by merely three details like account number, mobile number and the photo of that account holder. Here it is important to know that we can either snap a photo of the beneficiary account holder or we can add the photograph from facebook app itself. In this way the beneficiary account addition can be done immediately via the mobile banking app of Axis Bank. 

The app is designed on three principles as follows:
- What you Know
- What you Have
- What you Get.    

After addition, we saw that there are three options as Instant, Later and Standard. At this time the Axis Bank official - Mr. Pramod added one of the bloggers account and he also transferred Rs. 10/- to show that Instant payment can be done using the new Axis Bank app. Also, the transactions which are done frequently using this app, will be shown in the Favourite section within the app so that next time we do the same transaction we don't have to recall all the details virtually. The best thing about this app is that a limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs can be set for the beneficiary account. Also, if we want to change our mobile number associated for the mobile banking then we will have to go either in Atm or in the bank. 
On the home screen we saw the first line displaying total balance and the last line contained four options as Accounts, Transfer, Recharge and Pay Bills. We were also given a demo on how to block and replace the credit card. Another important thing about this new Axis bank app is that we will be able to Switch ON or OFF our Debit Card as and when required. Sometimes we do forget our mobile pin number and in such cases we either head to online banking or the bank to get the new one. Well, now this can be done using the mobile banking app of Axis Bank.  

Using the new Axis bank app the customers will earn reward points for transactions performed. After accumulation of reward points, the user can directly go to the e-commerce portal via this app and purchase products against the accumulated reward points. At last but not the least feature of this app is that it will show the dining offers nearby our vicinity and also locate the branch or ATM stations using GPS.
Pros of using the new Axis Bank app: 

- If the mobile is lost, then the Debit card is also blocked.
- If the user forgets mpin, then it can be reset using the app itself without going to the internet or at the bank in person.
- First 5 days, the balance transfer limit is of Rs. 30,000/-
- More features like Mutual funds, Demat, etc would be added in future. 

My Suggestion to Axis Bank app:
Please develop the app in such a way that the user would be able to switch between following two modes:
1) SMS Mode and
2) GPRS or 3G Mode. 

The SMS Mode is important since the internet connectivity is very poor in some parts of our country. I know that there are limitations in this mode but the app should have this feature embedded so that the user does not gets disappointed due to poor internet connectivity. 

After the few minutes of this acquaintance activity we all were provided snacks and at the end we were also being guided to the cafeteria to have lunch. I thank Axis Bank and the @TeamBlogadda for conducting this activity perfectly.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The 5 reasons on why Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

This post is a part of #UnconditionalLove with the ZenFone Happy Hours activity sponsored by ASUS ZenFone and sponsored by

The first reason for ASUS ZenFone as my ideal valentine is that it has an Intel processor incorporated within the phone which bears multitasking feature along with less battery usage feature. As we all know that almost every website that we wish to surf on mobile devices requires a sufficiently long duration to load properly, in such cases Intel processor is the one that will aid in loading all the web pages at a faster rate. This also means that if the mobile handset bears an Intel processor, then we can play almost every game on the device even if there is complicated graphics involved within those mobile games. Well it is really like the #UnconditionalLove Advertisement as shown in the following video.  

The second reason is that ZenFone has an expandable memory that can be extended to about 64 GB with the usage of flash memory card. Also, there is about 8 GB of ROM on the device that will allow me to save extra bit of data as well. Everyone uses the memory for storing songs, movies and work related backup, but I would prefer the usage of this huge memory to store each and every photograph shot by me. I love snapping photographs of nature and at times I snap the successive series without thinking the available space on the device. 

The third reason is that ZenFone has the perfect display screen. As the device bears a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, I would get to play the games on this device with superb clarity and also watch the currently ongoing cricket world cup videos that are present on the official website of Star sports. I also love watching the discovery channel videos that are available on YouTube and this phone will really help me access them clear rich format at the earliest as well.       

The fourth reason is that ZenFone has a flawless internet connectivity feature. We know that the cost of 3G internet connectivity is higher and therefore it is better to use the Wi-Fi internet access whenever we get the access of it. So this phone bears both the features and it will really save our data charges with the help of a Wi-Fi feature. At times of crisis we can make use of the superfast 3G connection and get our work done in no time. Well the 3G connection is expensive, but thanks for the Wi-Fi connectivity that is available freely at most of the times.  

The fifth reason for ZenFone as my ideal valentine because it has a superb camera. As mentioned previously, I have a great interest in photography and the superiorly quality camera of this phone will really add value to the ones snapped by me. It would be great to get comments from my friends regarding my photography work as well.  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The three things that I wish to do right now since life doesn't always give a #SecondChance

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

We all live only one life and there are a lot of things that we wish to do or at least we dream of them  every now and then. In my case there exists three things that I have been putting off for the future and I really want to do them right now since our life doesn't always give a #SecondChance. The first thing is to hit the gym every day and be a champ like Vin Diesel. The second thing is to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls and travel alone through dense forest and get out alive. The third one is to be on the India-Pakistan border at least for a day or two.    

To be a fit person like Vin Diesel, I really need to hit the gym each day not because for getting a macho look but for staying healthy at all the times so as to help every person around me. Today, everyone in the world is living a corporate life and there seems no humanity because the time has become money for everyone of us. We are even not finding time to talk to each other since we always need wealth in our pockets. I feel incredibly sad whenever I see ill people getting no attention towards them during their hard times. So that is why I wish to hit the gym and be fit at all the times to help every person around me.

The next thing I wish to do right now is to maneuver through the dense forest all by myself and alone without carrying any weapon or task force with me. The purpose behind this act is just to get a feel of dense vegetation within the forest rather than maneuvering through the concrete jungle to gather wealth. If possible, I would like to go along with the Bear Grylls who can help me get out alive from the dense forest at ease and at the earliest. Also safely since because there is no #SecondChance in our life.

At last but not the least, I wish to go on the India-Pakistan border not to fight but take the duty charge at least for a day or two so that the on duty soldier can take a nap or rest. Well this cannot happen in real but I really wish to offer my service for at least one soldier who is always awake and alert at all the times guarding the border. Hence, these are the things that I wish to do right now since there is no #SecondChance in our life.      

I got Quikr NXT and these are my reasons to prefer chat feature over the phone call feature.

This is my entry to the Get Quikr NXT - Happy Hours activity sponsored by Quikr and conducted by Indiblogger. 

We all know that the best place to sell any new or used item online, it is important to create our profile on the best online selling portal which is The only thing we need to do is click the image of an item that we wish to sell and we have to upload the image through our account on the Quikr portal. Also it is necessary to tag the price for an item along with its uploaded image. As soon as we complete this process, our mobile phone starts ringing and every buyer tries to negotiate on the price that has been tagged by us. In such situation, obviously we will ask that buyer to wait for a day or two so that we could search for another buyer who can afford to spend the exact amount of the item as prescribed by us.

In case, if we head towards the local resale dealer then we get nothing but disappointment for the item that we wish to sell at good price. The local dealers are very rude and they don't value the item even if they know that it is just few months old. This scenario is best explained in the following video. 

So as mentioned above if we use the Quikr portal, we will get several phone calls and it may happen that we could be contacted by the buyers who bear similar names. This scenario appears best in the following video.

Also, we can easily get jumbled by the phone calls of buyers with similar names therefore it is necessary to use the chat feature which is named as - Quikr NXT. So this is my first reason for preferring the chat feature over phone call. It is the best feature for selling an item online through Quikr portal.  

The second reason for using the chat feature is that it allows us to lock and unlock our contact number. Due to this feature, the sellers will be able to show their contact number whenever they have free time to receive calls. Watch the following video in which the seller wants to sell his car but he gets an unwanted call and this leads to unnecessary interruption as well as the loss of precious time during busy working office hours. Hence, contact number privacy is the most important feature that helps us to prefer the chat feature over phone call feature. 

Now the third but not the least reason for using the chat feature over phone call feature is that we can quickly evaluate the buyers intention in reality and in detail as well. Some buyers keep calling without considering any time frame and at times the sellers may find themselves in awkward situation. Watch out the following video where receiving calls can be a make or break situation in our life. 

Therefore, just download the Quikr NXT app which helps the buyers and sellers to interact with each other by means of  the chat feature. Due to this the buyer and seller both can track their chat history and they can also exchange the item or product information in detail. This will lead to the online dealing of items without using the phone call feature in coming days.  

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