Saturday, January 31, 2015

Get relived from the pain of pimples by using the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

This is my entry to the contest Garnier Pure Active Neem sponsored by Garnier and conducted by Indiblogger

Well the pimples are the weirdest things that appears on our face and it really makes our skin painful as well as ugly. The common problems faced by all of us are related to our appearance which we care the most and we always feel that the people around us will spot the immense pimple/s on our face at ease. But in reality, the condition is totally reverse. The fact about the pimples is that when they grow on our skin, it is the pimple owner who knows how much pain it gives right from the first day till its mark get faded away. People around us, at times carefully ignore our pimples and at times they ignore us as well. The funny picture that resides in our eyes is full of oo aahh pain and total red skin as shown in the image below. :-)

Our everyday life starts to become miserable since the pimples don't stop growing. Every now and then they seem to appear on several locations of our face and in my case it is the nose which gets affected the most. My everyday life gets really painful since because the pimples at times are quite bigger and the people around me either ignore them or they suggest me remedies to get rid of them at the easiest. Few people said to me that you should keep washing your face every 3 to 4 hours since your skin is like oily well. Some people said that I should regularly hit the Gym and these red stuff would never appear on my face.

After hearing all these remedies, the pimple get ripen and the weirdest work that we need to perform is to peel the white stuff within that pimple and take out all that corrupted blood along with it. Oo aaah.... The severe pain lies along with it if it is not ripen properly. After few minutes, we feel that the pimple is about to fade but for that we again need repeat the process properly so that the pimple does not rise up again. Now the worst thing is that if we have a fair complexion, the dark spot of the pimple does not fade away in few days. So we are happy for the pimple that has evaded but at times the dark spot makes us unhappy for few more days.  

Now the next thing that we can do preventing pimples to get on to our face is by using the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash. Yes, it really helps us to keep our skin free from pimples since it fights with germs which are the root cause of pimple evolution. Also the neem face wash cleans the pores on our skin and remove the impurities at ease. The best thing about this Garnier Neem Face wash is that it removes the excess oil from our skin and eventually our skin does not attract any dirt or germs which could lead to evolution of pimples. So just, get the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash and get relieved from the agonizing pain of pimples. Also this face wash helps us get our skin a clean and a clear look that makes us happy at all the times.

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