Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sometimes it is necessary to tell the truth.

This is my entry to the contest Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein sponsored by Kinley and conducted by Indiblogger.

We all know that the truth does not need any explanation but at times people need to prove it along with the help of a proof or an eye witness. Today, everyone in our society seems so busy that no one has ample time to interact with each other. At times they don’t even give a sign of recognition to the people who they know very well. Due to this, there seems a doubt in everyone’s mind about each other and we don’t wish to rely or believe in any person living in our society. We always keep thinking that can we rely on what the person is saying or explaining things to us. According to me, this situation has arrived just because we don’t interact with people on day to day basis. Just watch the video below to Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein.

In my case, I had to explain my truth when I was a teenager and the obvious reason was that I was very disappointed to do so. The only reason behind this situation was that in those days, that storekeeper guy had a lot of speculations about me even after knowing that I am a regular visitor at his store. Yes, I am talking about that storekeeper where I used to visit often. As I was a teenager, I used to visit his store a lot of times and there at at times I just used to wander and shop nothing from that store. I was unknown about the situation that I was under the scanner view point of that guy since he felt that I would steal something one day. I was unaware about this view of his but one day I realized this and I thought about it seriously.  

I came to know that this guy was thinking that I would steal something from his store one day. Well he was right, since once I had done this kind of attempt and obviously it was about the sweets. One day, I went in the store to buy lots of sweets and I was damn sure that the guy in that store would ask me to take the sweets on my own. So I had predetermined on that day that to take one sweet extra. But in this event, I had taken one sweet less and I was shocked when I came home and recounted them. After few days, I explained this situation to that storekeeper guy and he happily gave me two sweets since because I had explained him my attempt to get an extra sweet.  

After this incident that storekeeper guy did not treat me as a thief in his store and I too never tried to steal any sweets or anything from his store. After that I was totally relived since then I was not getting a scanner view from that storekeeper guy. I really felt that kitna chain hota hain sachchai main on that day.

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