Sunday, December 14, 2014

My attempt to tackle situations with positive attitude helped me to rise above fear.

This is my entry to the contest "Rise above Fear" sponsored by MOUNTAIN DEW INDIA conducted by Indiblogger.

We all know that to succeed ahead in life we need to risk everything and it is obvious that the fear is always associated along with it. We also know that how parents get dreaded whenever something comes in the path of their children's healthy and successful life. It is nothing but the caring nature and affection towards their children. At times, this also leads to a situation where the fear can get settled over children's mind during their early age and at times it may last till their teenage. Obviously, it is necessary for parents to incorporate some fear in children's mind so that it is easier to keep their little champ in control. As shown in the following video, risks are to be taken to succeed ahead but the fact is that fear is always a necessity and we have to always overcome it.

In my early age, I was fascinated by the bicycle riders and I decided to learn bicycle riding when I was just about 10 years old. At that time I used to fall each day while learning to ride a bicycle and I used to try and hide every wound from my parents so that they don't shout at me. I was literally feared at their concern as well as scolding. Unfortunately, my mom used to spot out the wounds after a day or two and I used to say that those wounds were not the newest. In few days, according to my conception I felt that I had learnt to ride a bicycle to near about perfection and I headed towards the highway which was just few meters from my home. 

As the highway road was newly built, I had started enjoying the ride but at the very next moment, I felt because of the unevenness between the road and footpath. This time, my right knee had hit the ground rigorously and the wound was unbearable. Somehow I went home and told my parents that I went to highway and I got injured. Though I pretended to be clam, they were in a lot of fear and they said to me what if any vehicle would have banged at you? I saw the fear in their eyes and I said that I will not go towards highway again. But my parent's made sure that I won't get the bicycle keys for the next one month. The good thing was that they did not scold me a lot since my knee was severely injured. I was given first aid box to help myself since I was pretending nothing has happened. But my fascination continued and I used to ride my friends bicycle while coming home from school. 

After a month, I got the keys back and this time I told my parents that I won't fall from now onwards as I said that my friends have helped me to ride a bicycle in the right way. But this time, I was feared to ride my bicycle through the highway for schooling. Each day, I used to get down and walk along sideways of that highway and I used to focus that exact spot where I had felt rigorously. One day, my friend also asked me to show that place and he said that it's not your fault it is the unevenness that caused you a severe injury. He also said that last few days I had been riding his bicycle perfectly. Next, he said that the only thing where I needed to focus was to be more confident than getting fearsome about the highways. 

The next day, I said to myself, I have to overcome this fear and ride my bicycle through highways rather than walking sideways. After few minutes, I came to that uneven spot and unknowingly, I slowly passed that patch without falling over. The next day, I was more confident and later I used to go either from inside or outside of that uneven patch with full speed. Therefore, my attempt to tackle these situations positively has helped me to rise above fear. In this way, I decided to use bicycle not only for schooling purpose but for the college life as well. Few years, back I had completed my master's degree and I am proud to say that I used bicycle throughout my entire education life rather than using a bike or moped. We had a scooter but I preferred bicycle since I still love riding a bicycle.

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