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Max Life iGenius Young Singing Stars event was being held at Taj Lands End – My experience.

The following blog post is about my experience regarding the Max Life iGenius Young Singing Stars event for which Blogadda had selected me.

First of all, I would like to mention that Blogadda had requested us to apply for attending this Max Life iGenius Young Singing Stars event which was going to be held at Taj Lands End, Bandra on 17th December 2014. Well, I was very excited to attend this event but I was not sure that I would be selected to attend this event. Even though, I was not sure I just applied for it and within a few weeks I got the mail from Blogadda and they asked me to confirm my attendance for the event. Now, I was super excited and this was the first time I would be visiting the Young Singing Stars Grand Finale event. I confirmed by replying to the mail sent by Blogadda and I also requested them to allow my sister along with me for this event. Within the next two days they replied and said that they have taken special permission to allow my sister along with me for this Grand Finale event. 

My sister was not aware of this event and she at first said that she is busy and she will not be able to come. Then, I sent her an email showing that Blogadda had taken special permission for her and we both could attend the event on 17th December 2014. 

She was also excited by knowing that Salim Merchant and YouTube Superstar - Shraddha Sharma were going to perform as well as judge all the young singing stars in this Grand Finale Event. At last we both confirmed and we planned to attend this event together. On that day, just before leaving the room, I got a call from my mom and she said son there’s an alert being declared in India so are you going for this event. For few moment’s, I was thinking on what to do. I replied to my mother that nothing wrong is going to happen. Well as we all know, the alert was being declared since because the Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar, Pakistan was being brutally attacked by Taliban. Every nation and every human being on this planet was shocked on how some freaks can kill the innocent children’s and we all condemn this school attack. 

In this way, I said that we should not get scared of moving freely around any city and I was determined to attend the Young Singing Star’s event at Taj Lands End Hotel. Me and my sister gathered at Dadar station and ventured to the venue. On that day, there was a lot of rush and the city of Mumbai is always over crowded during the peak events. At last we go down at Bandra Station and from there we reached the venue at 7.20 pm. During this time, I got a call from Mr. Anand Yadav who is a Marketing Strategy and Campaign Manager of Blogadda. I said that we are heading towards the event and we will be there in just 10 or 20 minutes.

At first, I thought, we are late for this event and would not be allowed to enter. But to my surprise, I and my sister were allowed inside the hall and the function was being delayed by one and a half hour.  Mr. Anand asked us to have a seat and we were waiting for the show to begin. I was looking around to guess some bloggers to whom I have met only through the internet by means of reading their blogs. Well, I reckoned a few but they all were busy with their groups so I decided not to disturb them. I found another guy who was seated just behind me and I asked him whether he is a blogger. He said, “Yes, I am a blogger and my name is Awanish Dwivedi”. In this way, he joined us and in the mean time announcement was being done that the Grand Finale is just going to start.

At the start of function, Manasi Scott greeted to all the audience present for the musical event and she took the opportunity to start by singing a song. It was a terrific start of the event and we saw the jury members Mr. Salim Merchant, Miss. Shraddha Sharma and Mr. Devraj Sanyal seated on the first row. After a few minutes, we also saw Mr. Shantonu Mukharji (Shaan) who is a well known Indian playback singer.

We all showed our deepest condolence by offering one minute silence for the children’s and victims who died in the Peshawar attack in Pakistan. Shaan left the event few minutes after the inauguration and Blogadda was able to have an interview with him right after his exit from this event. Watch it below:

After this Shraddha Sharma was being invited on the stage and she performed 2 to 3 songs and it was great to experience her voice talent in a live performance. The band group present for this musical event was awesome and Shraddha also said that they are doing amazing work to make this music event lively.

Now it was the time to cheer for Salim Merchant to perform but he was really heart by the incident that took in Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar. So he did not sing much to entertain us but he dedicated a song showing his deepest condolence to all the victims who lost their lives.

After this the Young Singing Stars Grand Finale has actually begun and for this competition 2 winners were going to be selected. Of these two, one would be from junior and other from the senior group. Both of the winners would get a singing contract from Universal Music India. 

In this way, first round which was of all junior singers started and they showed an introduction video of each contestant where we saw a ton of confidence in each one of them. I remember the contestant names as Abhinav Kumar, Arpita Basnet, Shereya Basu, Ashish Kumar Patra, Shivan Ahuja, Kanika Kapoor, Anuja Panchal, Shereyomi Chatterji, Shaurya Saxsena, Shraddha Shree and Vanika Kapoor.  

Well, we could not wait till the end of the show as it was getting late so I and my sister we both decided to leave the show. As soon as we came out, Mr. Anand Yadav had asked us to have food before leaving. I was totally unaware that we would also be given a buffet dinner. We had the dinner in a jiffy (watch the dinner pics at the end of this post.) and we again thanked the organizers and left the musical event. It was a wonderful music event at the Taj Lands End.     

Dinner Pics: 


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