Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Just grab a Gillette else you would feel where your luck has been hiding.

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We know that in this fast paced world it is necessary to present yourself along with your areas of expertise in the decent and updated manner. Otherwise we may lead to a situation where we might always keep blaming to our luck and stop venturing ahead in our life. In today's world we may see some people leading their areas of expertise flawlessly but it is also important to focus on their hard-work and their dedication which is not visible unless they display or explain it in detail. Also if a person with full of his face covered with beard when tries to explain how hard he has worked or has been working, would we believe it?

Surely, the answer to this question from a person who does not know or wants to know what hard work that person with full beard on his face has done will always focus on his dark beard rather than focusing on what work he has done. At times, some people would also think if that guy is saying that he has done so much of hard-work then why it was a tough job for him to grab a Gillette and shave off his dark beard. Well it's the question of only some people who are not related to the field to which that person with beard belongs. But it is also true that these are the only people who put a larger impact on the mind of those people who are closely related to that person who has not clean shaven.  

Obviously, the luck gets hidden of such hard-working people if they don't grab a Gillette and shave off their beard. If not clean shaven, it surely leaves a negative impact on the mind of people to whom a bearded guy is just a normal and lazy person who doesn't even has a time to present himself decently. On the other hand, a well shaven person always gets a benefit of his smiling and sparkling face which also unknowingly reflects a fair bit of confidence as well. Therefore, it is necessary to grab a Gillette and bring out our luck into the limelight by shaving each and every day.

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