Thursday, December 4, 2014

Always be up-to-date in your appearance since it is important to grab the opportunity at first.

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We all know how important it is to be a successful human being in today's fast paced world. We also know that there are limited opportunities available in the sector's that are of our interest and liking. So it is our duty to be skilful, go getter and a smart worker rather than the hard worker so that we can grab every opportunity that lies in the area of our interest. Otherwise, If we don't try ourselves beyond our limit's, we would not be able to seize the opportunity that is relevant to our skill set and exhibit our exuberance. 

Well, it is obvious that we could, sometimes miss the opportunities not because we are incapable of performing and delivering good results but because of our stubble that grows each day. It sounds silly, but yes. It really does. Once I also heard that the cleanly shaven man is always considered as a gentleman, skilful person and a smart worker whenever it comes to a situation where only one of the two person's had to be chosen to perform a task. In such cases, the one who has a greater amount of stubble will have to face rejection and think on what went wrong when everything was up to the mark. Here, it is important to know that when two persons are willing to board on a single platform, only that person would be given a chance who appears to be up-to-date in terms of physical appearance rather than the skills possessed by both of them. Unfortunately, in real such is the importance of our appearance so please grab the Gillete to shave and leverage the opportunities of your choice.

In this way, I would like to take this opportunity to mention an incident where I had to collect a missed chance in my sporting section of life. Well, as India is the country where Cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket, me in my teenage was obviously fascinated by the game of cricket. In my school days, I played good cricket but I did not represent the school sports team. After completing my schooling, I decided to join the cricket club where I could play cricket and get a feel of playing for a professional team. 

Everything, was fine till the day our cricket club announced a match against another club who used to practice alongside us on the same ground. Our coach announced that we will have a match with that club on Sunday and everyone has to be present on the field before 9.00 am. I was worried about my stubble rather than my cricketing skills since because every time I used to sweat, I had to scrub my jaw annoyingly. While batting it was irritating since because wearing batting gloves, helmet and all the cricketing gear it was not possible to get rid of rubbing the stubble. So this was, the reason which distracted me a lot while practising for the match day.  

Although, I was confident with my cricketing skills, I was damn sure that I would be opening the innings and I did not care for the stubble and on that day I went on the field before 9.00 am. To my surprise, no one was present on the field that day and our coach started to scold me not because of my stubble but because no team mate was present on the field. My coach shouted at me in a very bad manner and asked me to gather all the chaps within 30 minutes. I started calling everyone and was able to team up all the team members within 20 minutes. 

Now it was the time for toss based on which, the team batting first would be decided. Our captain went for the toss and he wins it and we all were cheered-up since we were going to start the innings by batting first. Now I was in a possession of gearing up to open the innings, but my coach said that I should not open the innings since I have joined the club just few days back. I was being ordered to bat at position no. 7 and I said that it was really a bad day for me and in the mean while our match started. I was watching other guys opening the innings even after possessing above average cricketing skills.

Now I started scolding my team mates on why they did not come in time and I explained that I was the only creature to hear scolding of our coach. I even said that I was not given a chance to open innings just because all of you had come so late. Some of them said that common man cheer-up its Sunday and don't you know that it takes time for shaving the stubble. Suddenly, I came to know that It would have been ok if I had also come late by investing my time on clearing the stubble on my face. I also found that our coach did respect the guys who were cleanly shaven. 

Well as mentioned above, "It is the human nature to offer an opportunity to only that person who is up-to-date in his appearance". In this way, I had seriously missed an opportunity which I could have seized easily by investing some of the time on my appearance on that Sunday. So friends, take a lesson from this incident and tell me #WillYouShave or not. Always be up-to-date in your appearance, since skills can also be grabbed after being assigned the opportunity to perform. 

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