Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Children's always try to do their best to make a happy home.

My entry to the contest: "A healthy child makes a happy home" sponsored by Dabur Chyawanprash and conducted by Indiblogger.

Children's always try to do their best to make a happy home.

            As we all know that children's in any family are the ones who are the source of a positive energy and happiness in the family. The kids in any family try to ask every question and they are curious to know each and everything. In this way, the family members are the ones who try their best to answer and explain every question raised by the kids in the family. Sometimes the kids also raise questions that we have had never ever thought of. At such point we ask ourselves that why we did not think like them and raise a question as such. In some situations we, the family members or parents had to find out a helpline and transfer the duty of answering question, towards another family member or get an online help via Google. Cause that is the only way we could get a specific answer to the questions raised by the younger generation.

             Also, while studying they continuously wonder of the things happening around them to which, we sometimes, don't want them to waste their time. Eventually the children's understand that they are going out of focus and then they concentrate on study again. Such is the innocence of them and it really helps our home to get a lively feeling that someone is always there who is curious enough at all the times and drive a positive vibe throughout the family. 

            Playing sports is a great thing for children's and even after studying in school and completing their homework at home they still have a lot of energy to spend. So we happily allow them to play outdoor games rather than the indoor games. At times we feel that they should play the indoor games because we are very cautious about their health and we never want our children's to fall sick. But, preventing them from playing the outdoor sports is not a good thing as we will be restricting their physical growth and stamina. So here we all have to know that rather than restricting children's to play outdoor games we need to give them something nutritious apart from the balanced diet each day. So now you would be thinking that why do we need to give them something extra even after maintaining their regular diet. The only answer to this question is that the "Immunity does not come from the regular balanced diet or food that we eat". Here it is important to know that we have to earn the immunity and for that we will have to ask our children's to go out and play outdoor games even in the cold, rainy and summer seasons.

            Sometimes, children's or even everyone of us have to face the climate changes and at such situations we or our immunity system is not able to cope up with and we fall sick. And as we all know that if anyone in the family falls sick, we all need to avoid the delicious foodstuffs like ice cream, cold-drinks, etc. Especially, if the any of the child in a family falls sick, at those times we have to deliberately avoid these stuffs from our diet. At such situations when we don't add such stuffs in our regular diet, the child may feel that it is unfair but this is our caring nature which they, the children's, sometimes fail to understand. So if the child stays, healthy, then there are no such restrictions. Sometimes we need to say to the children's in our family to take some rest to which they never care for. Since because the healthy children's have a restless blood which keeps them working and playing hard enough.     

            I know that we don't allow children's to play outdoor games in severe climatic conditions, but to remain free from worrying at all the times, one thing we can do is that we can serve them "DaburChyawanprash" on regular basis. It will help the children's and even every one of us to earn "3X Immunity". To know more about how the Dabur Chyawanprash will help us earn rather build the 3X Immunity, follow the link given below:

            In this way, once the children's immunity system has been built up, we can stop worrying about their health as we know that Dabur Chyawanprash has helped them to earn a stronger and 3X Immunity. This way, In any family the healthy children's will always keep all of us involved in answering their questions and boost our family with a lively feeling. Here, I would conclude that having Dabur Chyawanprash on regular basis will help everyone in our family to stay healthy as well as free from worrying i.e. happily.

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