Sunday, February 23, 2014

A funny take occurred in my life just because I was caught into "#CONDITIONSERIOUSHAI" tagline.

This is my entry to the contest “Condition SeriousHai” that is sponsored by Cadbury 5 Star and conducted by Indiblogger

 I remember my kindergarten days where my parents had to rush 6 days of the week so that my brother and sisters could attend school in time. My routine wasn’t too early but my brother and sisters had to get up at the earliest in the morning and get ready to attend the school. My parents used to help each one of us and they used to get annoyed when one of us used to ask them stationary items early in the morning and at the runtime. One day I saw that my brother finished his pencil box in just few days and the obvious reason was that he used to forget a pencil on the school desk. As pencil is the basic thing we need in our school age, he asked for a new pencil box and at that time my father exclaimed that how can it finish so early? My brother said, the quality of that pencil was not good and that may be the reason. As usual, the condition at that time got serious and my father lost his patience and he said that “aaplyakade kaay paishaa che zaad nahi aahe” which means that we don’t have a tree of money. 

At that time any how my brother got a new pencil box and on that day I thought if money grows on a tree then why is my father not planting it? Well, at that time I was in kindergarten and any child at that age would think in this silly way. But I did not question about this to my father because he was annoyed with our enormous expenditure and I could see him stressed and the situation was serious at all the times. So one day, I got a 10 paisa coin from my mother and she said buy whatever you want with it. At that time this 10 paisa could get us 10 sugar toffees. But my mind was boggling about how to plant a tree which could give us money.

          One day, I guess it was Sunday or maybe a government holiday, in the afternoon when everyone was sleeping I decided to plant that 10 paisa coin and I successfully did it as well. Everything was done and I started pouring water where I had inserted the coin into the soil. Eventually, my elder brother saw me pouring water and he asked me why are you doing so? I answered, “I have planted 10 paisa coin” and in the next few days our money tree will start growing. My brother knew that I was doing a silly act and instead of clearing my misconception of money tree, he asked me how much money this tree will give us. I answered seriously saying that it will have only 10 paisa coins all over because I have planted the same. My brother started laughing out loud and everyone in my house woke up after hearing my silly answer.

          My parents started laughing as well and they asked me about this misconception and who told me all this stuff. Interestingly, the condition in my house was not serious at all except me and I answered to my father that you said few days ago that we don’t have a money tree. So I thought of planting one so that you don’t have to get annoyed at our stationary expenditure. My dad started to laugh out even louder and at last he cleared my misconception that money tree and he said that money has to be earned and it never grows on tree and cannot be planted as well. Therefore, it is a phrase in Marathi language that “aaplyakade kaay paishaa che zaad nahi aahe” which means we don’t owe a tree of money. This phrase is used when we need to spend money again and again for the same thing.

          Well at that time there was no 5 Star Cadbury available, but I received a bunch of toffees that day for planting the money tree. Even today every family member recalls my childhood silly act and they start to laugh. 

          Above written story is a real and I loved to be a victim of seriousness where everyone was genuinely serious. I thank 5 Star Cadbury because of which I could mention the funny serious condition that occurred in my life.   


  1. Money-Tree is something that is dear to me too, Pravin :)
    Nice personal Post. Best wishes for the contest :)

  2. Very well written Pravin :) All the best for the contest!

    1. Thank you Ekta. Glad to know that you liked it.

      Have a nice day.

  3. Nice article and it really take to me lil funny..

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