Friday, January 3, 2014

Youth of India has the power to elect the right candidates in Indian General Elections 2014.

As we all know that the Indian General Elections are going to take place this year and in our country, India, some politicians are winning it just because many people don’t caste their vote. Interestingly the youth of this country is the one who is not interested to vote and they don’t even care for choosing the right candidate just because they are busy running after the six figure salary. Most of the youth wants to fly away from this country just because there is a lot of corruption. Also if one needs the basic certificates then it seem a herculean and at times the most difficult for the one’s who don’t have that much of extra money to spur into this corrupt system. So its time to stand up, vote and elect a right candidate who will not allow the corruption in any form and in any department of this nation.

To be eligible of being a member in the Lok Sabha elections 2014, a candidate needs to be of 25 years of age. How many of the youth in this country knows that they can be a politician at this very early age and change this system where a lot of corruption is going on. I guess most of the youth of this country is unknown about this fact just because they are directed towards the lucrative carrier options like Doctors, Engineers, officers, etc. Even parents don’t want their kid to choose the career path of a politician just because they will have to do fake promises in future and lead the country as well.

In this way, the youth needs to know that if you have a will then you can do the right things as well. We can see how Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has involved himself into the role of a politician.  

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