Monday, January 13, 2014

If there is SUN in the skies, SILK will get generated on Earth.

This is my entry to the contest, SUNSILK Recharge conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by SUNSILK India.

Today there are a lot of health issues which are being faced by the human body and to a great extent our scientists have found a lot of solutions with the help of technology in medical sciences. But there are some incurable diseases or health issues for which we the human beings are fed-up of and the scientists from all over the world are trying their best to find the possible solution. Well we cannot have a medication for every health issue by having syrup or a tablet (medicinal not technological). And yes you have got me right; I am talking about the hair which is the part of our body which cannot be treated by internal medication.

The human beings have both long as well as short hair and the reason behind this is that most of the people cannot dedicate their time to eat foodstuffs which are full of nutrition. And many of them are willing to eat but they don’t know that there is a specific time frame in which our human body can absorbs nutrients. We cannot ask a 50 year old human being to build an athletic physique so as to compete with a 20 year old. There are some outstanding personalities in our society, who will be able to do so, but this count is negligible and therefore it is necessary for all of us to know that there is a certain time frame during which we can recharge our life. In this way it is clear that there is a certain time frame to which we all have to spot it at the right moment. 

Therefore, till there is SUN up in the skies, the Silk will be generated on earth because the necessary nutrients of cocoons will be nourished by SUN, water and carbon dioxide which are present in abundance on our planet. And if the cocoons are unable to find those nutrients within a stipulated time frame, those nutrients are of no use. Likewise, human hair also needs a certain type of edible nutrients and that too in a certain time frame. But this is not the case in case of the SUNSILK shampoo because this has to be applied to hair externally. It doesn’t matter if you fall short of getting the nutrients internally and thus one can recharge their life by recharging their hair. After all it is the first part which comes into focus and it adds a background to our face as well. Therefore, it needs to be nourished properly so as to live a life full of energy.  

Once you get a good looking hair, it will certainly add beauty and make you feel that you still have the power and energy to proceed further in your life. As we all know that even a single white hair or malnourished hair can make us unhappy and no one wants this moment in their life to appear before time. Well in old age it is acceptable, but not in the younger age so it is better to recharge our hair with SUNSILK and be happy for a longer period of time.  

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