Monday, December 23, 2013

A guessing game that was being played few decades ago is on the verge of extinction.

This is my entry to the contest "Dove Guessing Game with my Friend!" sponsored by Dove and conducted by Indiblogger.

                Every individual has a lot of free or spare time and to make best use of this free time it is necessary to keep ourselves busy playing games. Well there are a lot of games which need a lot of exertion but for the children’s who wish to play in the absence of exhausting sunrays there is a game called as Raja, Rani, Chor and Siphai. Yes this name is lengthy but it just needs four members and four paper chits on which the words like Raja(King), Rani(Queen), Chor(thief) and Sipahi(police or cop) are to be written only once on every chit. After writing the names on each chit of paper, every piece of paper has to be folded or rolled in such a way that the letters written on those chits could not be seen easily when rolled or folded. Remember the four chits should look the same and one of the four members needs to toss it up at the start of each game session.

                The specialty of this indoor game is that it can be played in house and the only goal of this game is to guess out which member beholds which chit. After tossing the chits, four members have to pick only one chit at a time. The one who gets a chit named with Sipahi (police or cop) has to guess out the exact people holding respective chits. Failing to do so, this Sipahi will get zero points and the remaining members will get the points as mentioned below.

                Every chit has points and they are as follows: 
                                Raja – 100 points
                                Rani – 50 points
                                Chor – 25 points and
                                Sipahi – 0 points.

                If the sipahi is clever in guessing then it will get points for only the correctly guessed chit holders.

                It means if the sipahi can guess out all of the owners correctly then it will earn 175 points and the remaining ones will earn zero points. Now every time these points are to be mentioned on a paper in the tabular form and the tally of all the guess has to be done when the four members conclude that the game is over.

                In this way, the one whose tally is highest in this game will be awarded the title of Raja (King), the one whose score is second highest will be awarded the title of Rani (Queen), the third highest will earn a title of Chor (thief) and the last but not the least will earn the title of Sipahi (police or cop). 

                While playing this game in my childhood days, I remember that the one who beholds a paper chit of Chor used to get tensed a little bit as soon as he/she used to open that chit. The rest of the members in that game session to be guessed seemed relaxed so it was not that difficult to guess the right ones. Hence, I used to smile out whenever I used to find that one member who used to hide their chit and getting tensed. The best thing about this game was that smile which resembled to the one that comes out whenever we use the dove bathing soap. As the smile replenishes our beauty so does the Dove bathing soap and once you use it you will never go after another soap brand.
                In this way, the above mentioned Raja, Rani, Chor and Sipahi guessing game is on the verge of extinction not because of the technological advancements but because the kids in this country find less time to enjoy their vacation and holidays.


  1. Okay! This was a very unique post, I must admit. Best wishes for the contest :)

  2. Pravin, Thanks for reminding me of all the games I played with my friends. I just read your Post & my memories came flooding :)
    Best wishes to you for the contest :)

  3. I have also played 'raja mantri chor sipahi' all through childhood.. good luck dear :)

    Here's my take!

  4. Wow, we used to play this too! Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi! Thanks for sharing Pravin!
    And its nice to see guys writing such beautiful stories about friends! :)

  5. I too have played this in my childhood. this is a very good one and nice timepass

    1. Yes this is a good game but today the kids are not playing these kind of games as they have gadgets like mobile, tablet pc's and Desktop PC/Laptops.

      Thank you for replying here. Have a nice day.

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