Thursday, November 21, 2013

All we need is "An Immune India".

This is my entry to the contest An Immune India conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by Dabur Chyawanprash. 

In the last few decades we the citizens of India are witnessing the heath issues like viral flu’s, cough, cold and even major heath problems which can lead to death of an individual. Here it is important to know that how can one think of such health issues in this era which is full of day in and day out of scientific inventions and technological advancements. And the answer to this question is Immunity. Yes, whatever might be the treatment to several types of health issues but the ultimate question comes forward which is whether he or she is fit or further treatment which can lead to weakness and fatigue. Unfortunately, now days this percentage of fitness or immunity lags not because the citizens of India are weak but because they are quite busy running after the success which is at the risk of health and at times life as well.

I have seen many people who don’t care about their health and they are chasing success at the cost of their health. Once, I asked a question to one such person that “Why are you risking your health to chase success in your life”? To my surprise, the answer to my question was, “It is easy to risk our health instead of hanging on the success”. At this moment I thought for a while and I found that yes at current situation where inflation is touching new heights each day, it is obvious that people will chase success rather than nurturing their health. The next answer that I heard from another person for the same above mentioned question was, “Do you know that certain vehicle components needs to be replaced just because they have been performing for a long period of time? Similarly, if we the human beings experience health issues then it’s our duty to get hospitalized and recover ourselves by using the lowest possible revenue which we have acquired by chasing success”.

In this way, we the people are not even thinking of our health which can be maintained by building the strongest immunity by means of Dabur Chyawanprash. Now it is obvious that almost all the people would be pointing towards our father, forefather and utter that were they having any such kind of immunity enhancer to live a healthy life?

Well it is important to note that the climate at that time was much pure than what it is today. Also the crops were being cultivated with less usage of chemical fertilizers. Another important aspect is that the vehicles and machines were not available at that time and every individual has to perform the hardest physical work and its ultimate result was they had stronger immunity as compared to the current generation of human beings. And I hope these above mentioned reasons are enough to explain about why the people few decades ago did not required the immunity enhancer like Dabur Chyawanprash.

Right now we all have the vehicles as well as different kinds of mechanized machines which help us to save our physical efforts. I guess we the human beings are getting lazier just because of these technological advancements. On the other hand we the citizens of India have several types of equipments in the market and at the gyms and only few citizens of India are doing a physical exercise on regular basis. All in all, most of the citizens of India have started using different types of machines which helps to reduce our physical strength and immunity as well.   

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