Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Capture the Colour 2013.

Theme - Yellow: In the month of summer, we bring a box of Alphonso mangoes which are golden yellow in colour.

Theme - Red: One evening I was cycling along the highway and I found the sky in orange and a little bit of red colour as well.

Theme - Green: The image below is being clicked while I was in a bus and this location falls just ahead of Swantwadi on the route of Sawantwadi to Goa in India. During the rainy season, this place looks like a heaven just because of clouds and the green surroundings.

Theme - White: The following image is being snapped of white clouds which I saw eventually while I was wasting my time in the balcony. When I saw this cloud formation, I rushed towards my living room so as to grab my cellphone Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. I have snapped all the images till these white clouds disappear.

Theme - Blue: As soon as the summer season ends, the sky gets darker and at times its colour turns into the darkest blue colour.   

To know more about the contest "Capture the Colour" visit the link given below:

The five bloggers who I would like to nominate and insist them to take part in this contest are as follows:


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