Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Freshnhappy Experience with the Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip - Review.

The following blog post is a review specifically written for the contest – “Escape into Freshness, whenever you Drive” which is sponsored by Ambi Pur India and organized by Indiblogger

The Ambi Pur fragrance is really important now days because the air surrounding us is full of pollution. During the summer, our car smells too bad and if you are asking your friends to join the drive then the Ambi Pur mini vent clip is a must have thing in your vehicle. If it is not there, then the fragrance inside the car will smell like hell on those sunny days. At times we get stuck into the traffic and the surrounding air flow unfortunately comes to a halt which results in the fumes rushing inside the car. 

At such situations all we do is close all the windows of the car and start the AC to its optimum speed. The result of this action is that the smell of seats and other heated fabrics inside the car start to dwell their fragrances. So few years back we couldn’t do anything to stop this chaotic smell inside the car but now days we can get rid of this chaotic fragrance with the help of Ambi Pur mini vent clip. All we need to do is slide its bar to a range within the minimum to maximum fragrance settings and insert it onto the AC outlet which is present on the car’s dashboard.

Rest word does the air flow and if we need a more boost of fragrance then we just have to set the mini vent clips slide bar to maximum settings and push its transparent center surface with our finger or thumb. This results into a punch of aromatic fragrance inside the car and it really pleases us and offers a fresh and happy atmosphere inside the car. After some time you would even forget that you were driving your car through the sunny summer days just because of this aroma inside the car. At times, it really drives us as if we are on the vacation and our mind is no more inside the car.

Such is the fresh and happy experience delivered by the majestic Ambi Pur mini vent clip that makes us escape into the freshness, whenever we drive. So in my view, this device is a must have thing in your vehicle so as to keep maintain a fresh aroma inside the car.


  1. It's indeed a great accessory for the car. Makes your journey fresh and happy.

  2. Yes Saru, Ambi Pur is only one which adds freshness while driving a car. Thanks for stopping by.


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