Saturday, September 14, 2013

Unbelievable shopping features will be leveraged by mankind of this planet by 2030.

We are all familiar with the word shopping and the following images explain us the traditional way of purchasing the food items.

Even today we see many shops at various locations in the country and there are good as well as bad shops all around the planet Earth. Later the invention of new products lead to formation of various stores and many people started to offer dedicated items so that the management is no big challenge. We also come across some stores in the country where we can get almost everything under one roof. The ugly side of such one roof shop is that it is always crowded and the shopkeeper does not pay attention to you as a customer since because they feel that their sales employees are taking proper care of their business. Sometimes we need to wait for long in such one roof shopping portals and the obvious reason is rush hour and the exploding human population as well. 

One such shopping portal which comes under one mouse click rather one roof is This shopping portal can be accessed via a smartphone as well as from a Laptop/PC and all we have to do is search for the items that we are in need of and use the mouse click to place order. We can choose the featured deals of the day as well as we can type in the products name that we wish to buy. Few decades ago no one would have thought that we would be shopping via a PC or smartphone. Today we must thank the online shopping portal eBay which is delighted to serve every customer on this planet. We can now imagine the future of shopping by 2030 and yes eBay will be the only online shopping portal which can fulfill our shopping needs by introducing unbelievable features.

The first unbelievable feature is of eBay drones which will maneuver over every city accompanying some awesome products and it will be a flying shopping portal. Obviously, the products in such eBay drones will be lighter in weight and these flying machines will show the products to the customer only if they stand in the position Y which means they are in need of shopping. And if there are many people willing to buy the similar type of products in that sector or location then that drone will note down the geographical co-ordinate system and it will call a bigger drone or numerous tiny drones carrying those products which can be dropped directly towards customers. In this case the payment will be done in cash or in the form of electronic fund transfer and then only the products will be dropped towards them. If some people try to cheat, produce fake currencies or pay money in duplicate, then the drone will detect it and it will maneuver over that person along with generation of burglar alarm and inform the police via electronic message. Eventually the burglar or the cheater will not be able to run and every citizen will come to know that the drone is maneuvering because that person has done something wrong. In this way by 2030, mankind will be leveraging this unbelievable futuristic method of shopping.

The next shopping feature that we can leverage by 2030 is group purchase using a PC and eBay will drop the products with the help of laser guided parachute attached to it. Suppose there are 50 students from one school who want 1 TB external hard disk then all we have to do is pay the requisite amount of that order and eBay in return will ask the location of their school or a location where the products need to be delivered. Here the geographical co-ordinate system will be brought into use and the wholesome package of those 50 hard disk will be dropped on to that location given by the students.

Similarly, the products can be dropped on the roof tops or in the front yard or backyard of any house using laser guided parachutes. The laser guided balloons can also be used for delivering products in above mentioned style and human beings will be more than happy to leverage such delivery of products as it will reach their house within few hours or in a day or two. In this way the future of shopping will be awesome and futuristic by the year 2030 on this planet earth.

This is my entry for the contest – “The future of shopping” conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by eBay on behalf of launching a new app named as eBay Check. Visit the link given below to know what is ebay check: 


  1. Good imagination...All the best :)

  2. OMG! Laser-guided chutes to propel products into your homes? Will the chute be guided through an open French window in a high rise with 600 apartments? :)
    Loved the idea of eBay drones as shopping malls... but it is too pre-future, as we already have shikara-stores in Srinagar and a lot of onboard shopping goes on in aircrafts as well as ships... even our Shatabdis aren't so far behind...

    Arvind Passey

    1. Arvind Sir yes I too think that this concept is pre-future :-) and we must be ready to think beyond as the technology is booming day in and day out.

      Thank you for reading my post.

      Have a nice day.

  3. That is quite a Technological Advancement Post..Good Luck.. :)

    1. Thank you. I believe that Ebay is the only online shopping portal which is capable of implementing/using these advanced technologies and serve the mankind of this planet.


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