Thursday, July 18, 2013

PADE - my entry for 18th July 2013

I'm part of PADE

Theme of 18th July is Bridge.
My image for this theme is as follows: The bridge in the following image is quite old and because of that it has been restricted for heavy vehicles.  Also people start ignoring the old one just because the new one is stronger and wider. I have snapped this pic from the newly constructed bridge and I just forgot to step on this very old bridge and capture the image of new one. 

A bridge is known by the strength of its pillars and 
not by the number of vehicles passing through it. 

In this way, the human beings will be known for not only bridging the gap but for beholding the foundation for a long period of time as well. 

 Here is a close look of its pillars.

"This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

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