Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PADE - my entry for 17th July 2013

I'm part of PADE

Theme of 17th July is Bliss.
My image for this theme is as follows:  A blissful moment for all of us is "Helicopter"

The helicopter landing area is just few meters away from my apartment and whenever I hear a sound of it, I rush towards my balcony and many a times I have forgot to carry my camera mobile handset to snap a photograph of it. Every kid in my colony starts shouting helicopter, helicopter, ........... and so on till it disappears or it takes a halt. 

Just watch this video of helicopter which I have recorded using Nokia 5220 XpressMusic handset.  Prior to that set your PC's volume to a bit higher volume so that you too utter helicopter as soon as the following video starts.

The interesting thing about this image is that It was being snapped in the year 2009 and the counter of this image in my mobile handset was 0429. Again a bliss moment of numbers 2 and 9. In this way, I guess, a helicopter will always be a bliss moment for every one of us and we all unknowingly utter its name whenever we hear its sound. 

"This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

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