Saturday, July 13, 2013

PADE - my entry for 12th July 2013

I'm part of PADE

Theme of 12th July is Tools.
My image for this theme is as follows: The summer season was at its last phase and work for electricity board was to cut the branches which could interrupt the power supply. The tool used for such type of work is shown below and it really is an important tool for these employees working for electricity board. I snapped this photograph because the power supply was being cut and I rushed in balcony with my mobile Nokia XpressMusic 5220. In this way the work of smashing those extraneous tree branches was being carried out in our residential area so as to avoid short circuit of those power lines during storms and unseasonal rains.   

"This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

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  1. OMG at this level those power lines look scary and dangerous!


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