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A modern health defect needs Modern Healthcare Services which are available at only at Apollo Hospitals in India.

Now days, the population of major cities in India seems to be increasing day by day and this number seems to be unstoppable as well. Possibly, this situation could be of many countries on this planet earth. Thus, human beings prefer the option of a public transport so as to reduce the road traffic and travel from one place to another. Unfortunately, people who travel using the public transport have to walk a lot and run at most of the times since they had to catch local trains or buses on their way to school, work or home. Unfortunately, if they are physically unfit then it seems that no one could help them. But in this modern era, the Apollo Hospitals are there to look after and care for such people who fail to move at rapid pace due to healthcare problems. 

Due to the stressful life everyone be it boy, girl or adults they need to keep moving at least 16 to 18 hours in a day. During this time span, they find very little time to nourish their body with the so called healthy diet. At times such people skip their meals since they need to move at rapid pace and achieve the so called success or happiness to live a happy life. So after few years some of these people get struck with joints and bone problems since they had not invested their precious time to care and nourish their health. Hence, the problem is severe because the mobility has been interrupted due to joints pain and bone weakening. So the only solution to this problem is take rest and don’t try to ever match-up with the rapid paced life which is meant only for success or happiness.

Now if we consider the traditional healthcare facilities then it seems that everything is abnormal since the human beings had to nourish their health right from the younger age. Everyone in family starts repeating that if he/she would have had healthy diet at all the times, then such weakness would never have occurred. When medical examinations are done, doctors say that the problem is in hip bone and the only solution is to take rest and contain with restricted mobility. Most of the people loose hope and get disappointed with such results and no one asks a question like, “Is there any other solution to this injury”? So this also depicts that people are reluctant to opt for new healthcare facilities that has some dramatic solution to such health defects in medical terms and interruption in human terms. Many of them don’t even know that now days the health care facilities are incorporating new technologies each day and these unique techniques are innovative as well as affordable at the same time. Here comes the role of Apollo Hospitals which are the only ones who could offer one of the best healthcare facilities in India.

Apollo Hospitals have cutting edge medical care services which shows a new way of treatment to the medical defects and patients can get rid of pain with such innovative technologies within a short period of time. In this way the innovative treatment to the above mentioned medical defect is of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Treatment. In this medical technique, the hip bone can he resurfaced which means that there is no need to replace the entire bone. This innovative technique is really going to touch lives of patient because in this surgery the mobility and strength are increasing at the same time. 

Here the metal socket is inserted in the joint and tip of the hip bone is slightly restructured using metal covering. This resurfacing is so designed that it fits properly in to the metal socket and it totally exploits the possibility of dislocation. Hence, in this type of treatment the strongest bone of human body - hip bone stays intact since it is resurfaced with metal covering. This indicates that the treatment can last longer with respect to conventional treatment where the entire bone was being replaced. Also there is no any need to perform a revision surgery as this type of treatment is everlasting. The treatment is so unique that the patients who went under this type of surgery can perform tasks like walking, running and other exercises without any restriction.

Dr. V.C Bose of Apollo hospitals who is proficient in this type of treatment and he has been successful in applying this treatment to wide range of patients from across the globe. Till date he has been successful in hip resurfacing operation on many patients and the count goes beyond 300 patients and it is still increasing. Being a sports medicine specialist, he also has skills in knee replacement, total hip bone replacements and the count of this type of treatment also goes beyond 500 surgeries on patients from across the globe. Hence, the Apollo Hospitals have a team of doctors who are technically sound as well as experienced. Apart from this, the Modern Healthcare Services at Apollo Hospitals are renowned with Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI). Right now these modern Apollo Hospitals are present in metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad Kolkata and Ludhiana. 

Team of Doctors at Apollo Hospital
Hence, the Modern Healthcare facilities from Apollo Hospitals are really going to touch lives and help human beings to chase success and happiness at the same time.


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