Saturday, April 20, 2013

A dream of Ramp Ready Hair comes into reality only because of TRESemme Shampoo.

One day I was surfing on and I was busy reading the outstanding posts written by all the bloggers contributing each and everyday. It is a great time to spend while reading blogs and post comments on them as well. After some time, I suddenly landed on a page where we could apply for a sample of TRESemme shampoo. I thought that it is a new invention so why not give it a try. I applied for the sample and it reached my home within 7 days and everyone in my home was excited as it arrived so early. 

You can see the images of the sample that arrived at my home and I was delighted to click these images as I did not have to spend money to purchase the TRESemme shampoo and a conditioner of the same. This package also contained a pamphlet where we could win exciting prizes but for that it was necessary to write a blog.  I really want to thank TRESemme and Indiblogger both at the same time which offers a great platform for new bloggers to showcase their creativity. 

In this way, I decided to write a blog but I thought for a while and came to a conclusion that how can I write a blog without using the shampoo that reached my home in a beautiful package. At first, I thought that it is not for boys since the shampoo package seemed like it is only for those who have long hairstyles. Hence, for few days I did not use this TRESemme shampoo and I was thinking of all the Bollywood actors who had long hairstyles. 
After watching the advertisements and movies, I found that most of the male Bollywood actors bear good looking long hairstyles. So I thought it would be better to use this shampoo as men could also carry long wavy hairstyles. I had near about half foot long hairstyle and this time I decided to use the TRESemme shampoo as it is specifically designed for ramp ready hairstyle. I was fed up with my hairstyle as it used to get curly just because it did not hold the moisture with respect to time. I used to feel very bad and weird because my hairstyle looked like the image shown besides.

In this way, the first after effect of using this shampoo is that my half foot long hairstyle was getting in shape in no time and it used to retain moisture longer than before. Therefore, the men’s review about the TRESemme shampoo is that it gives a perfect look even for short hairstyles. So it is one of the best shampoos for both men and women who are always in search of ramp ready hair. To get the best suited hairdo just visit this link of TRESemme India Youtube Channel. The conditioner is awesome and it really holds the hairstyle in a perfect ramp ready look. I literally felt like I own a hairstyle similar to that of Kunal Kapoor and a happy simile like him as well.

In this way, I started to enjoy the half foot long hairstyle and at times it feels like I own a hairstyle like all the Bollywood male actors shown below. 

Gaining a hairstyle like actor’s takes a lot of effort and at times people make fun of long hairstyles. The only solution to get such a stylish and good looking hairstyle is TRESemme shampoo and it offers you a perfect ramp ready look at all the times. Check the following images and you are ready to wear a hairstyle of your choice and who knows, your friends would start following your hairstyle as well. 

Yes, this shampoo of TRESemme offers a great stylish look for near about 24 hours and I guarantee that once you use it, you will never use any other shampoo. Till date, only women used to flaunt their long wavy hairstyles and now it is the time for men to wear a stylish hairdo. Thanks a ton to TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner.  


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