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Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

Country: Sri Lanka.
City: Matale.
Name of Place: The Sigiriya Rock.
Tag Location: Matale, Central Sri Lanka.

The Sigiriya Rock of Sri Lanka is the famous tourist destination of the world. The UNESCO has listed this site as the eighth wonder of world. The Sigiriya Rock is one of eight heritage sites of Sri Lanka and is situated in Matale district of central province of Sri Lanka.   

Sigiriya Rock is also known as the Lion Rock. The entrance to this heritage site is so majestic that we feel like we are in the ancient world. The picturesque location is full of gardens and ponds which were build 15000 years back. 

The Sigiriya Rock is full of greenery and best time to visit here is in the winter and rainy season. The lush green scenery also attracts various types of birds in the surroundings. As the summer season rises there are few visitors attracted due to hot climate. According to me it is picturesque when the clouds touch the rock during rainy season.

The Sigiriya Rock is contained with precious frescoes that were carved during the rule of King Khasyapa. In this Sigiriya Rock there is a mirror rock location where the king used to look his image. In those days it was so polished that it could reflect the image of the people standing in front of it. Today we see many of the tourists have carved their names and written something odd on that mirror rock. Now they have banned tourist to carve anything on that rock. 

To climb the Sigiriya Rock there are iron ladders and footpaths which seems very interesting and breathtaking for every visitor. In this way when you climb on to the top of lion rock you can see the gardens on some manmade ponds where even the rain water is restored. 

In this way if you are scheduling your visit to the Sigiriya Rock then be sure to arrive at the venue early in the morning so that you can enjoy the surroundings.


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