Friday, February 8, 2013

Keyboard/Mouse Input Device general errors and solution.

The following resource will help you to determine the general errors that can occur with your Keyboard/Mouse Input devices. The solutions to these general errors are easier at times and if we want them to repair on our own then we can save a lot of money. Just read the following errors and try to solve it on your own and at your risk. 
Note: If anything goes wrong then the author cannot be held responsible for any claims. 


Keyboard/Mouse Disconnect Error :

The basic input devices are very important to work efficiently on a Windows environment and user is totally dependant on Keyboard and Mouse input devices.I faced some problems with these input devices and I have a solution as well on these issues. I would like to mention these generally occurring issues in the following resource.

The cables of keyboard and mouse might be severely twisted and damaged:

In this way the solution to above first error is that you can check your input device by connecting it to another workstation. Else you have to open the keyboard or mouse and check each terminals using multimeter. On multimeter you just have to check the continuity of each wire and pin terminals if they are working fine. Here it there is continuity, then Multimeter device will generate a continuous beep sound showing that the wire connection that you are checking is working fine. And if it generates no sound then it will not generate the beep sound. It means that your keyboard/mouse wire is internally damaged and it has to be replaced.

The ports of keyboard and mouse present on motherboard might be damaged :

In this way if you are sure that your Keyboard/Mouse are working fine while connected to other workstation, Laptop or PC then you will have to check the ports of Keyboard/Mouse present on the motherboard. If there is no any fault in those Keyboard/Mouse ports then the newly connected Keyboard/Mouse devices should work fine. But remember to restart the PC every time you connect new Keyboard/Mouse devices otherwise the system will not detect the input devices. Hence, if the Keyboard/Mouse port on motherboard is faulty then you can get them replaced from any computer repair shop.

If possible find a friend who has done Graduation in Electronics and is expert in soldering electronic components. The port is priced at maximum Rs. 100 and if your go to a private computer repair shop then those technicians will ask you around Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 to replace the faulty port.

The pins of keyboard and mouse might be broken or bend due to improper handling :

If the connection pin is broken then you can replace it with new pin and it is also a delicate job to connect new pin because you will have to cut that wire and connect it to the proper terminals. So it will be better to purchase a new Keyboard/Mouse. If the pins are broken then you will have to carefully straighten them so that they don't break down.

The wire connection inside of Keyboard/Mouse might be broken :

The wire connections inside of Keyboard/Mouse might be broken. To check this you will have to open the Keyboard/Mouse and just pull a little bit to each of those tiny wires. May be, some of the wire needs to reconnect so as to make a good contact. If you find some wires broken then place them properly at respective positions. In case you don't know where to connect which wire then just get another Keyboard/Mouse and do the connections as per the working Keyboard/Mouse.

Note: If anything goes wrong then the author cannot be held responsible for any claims. 

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